Sophia, Avery & Carson

Today I picked up Sophia and Avery from school. Everyone has been moved into portables so the original school buildings can be torn down and rebuilt.This is an optical illusion: Avery’s legs are not that long.Shortly after getting home, Sophia told me she had a tooth that was barely loose. Then she went to work on it. About an hour later, ta-da!Eating yogurt is much less messy for Carson now that he started using a spoon instead of his hands.This is how Avery eats Double Stuf Oreos. Emphasis on the Double Stuf!

Friday afternoon delivery

Whew! Done and delivered. The Breathe Bike Trek is Sept 7-10 in Petaluma. I decided I just couldn’t fit this into my schedule this year but had previously committed to providing some raffle prizes. For the past few weeks, I’ve been sewing up a storm. I made FOUR upcycled t-shirts (sizes S, M, Lg, X-lg) using last year’s BBT t-shirt, four polka-dot zippered bags (the lining is the back of the t-shirt with all the sponsors’ names) and 2 small zippered bags. I delivered everything to the Breathe CA office this afternoon.

CELDT testing continued

This week, we were at Hillsdale and Woodridge. Woodridge was originally designed as an open-concept school, 4 classes without walls in one large open space. Now walls have gone up to create individual classrooms. The library is still in the center of the large building, the school office is upstairs.Some interior doors (like the one into our workspace) had to stay locked until 20 minutes after the start of school when students were in the building. Being a teacher trying to organize our test areas and materials didn’t qualify … a chair was our solution.This is probably the worst testing area we’ve ever had to deal with (and totally out of compliance with the rules for proper testing area) – Jeannie was in a main hallway where classes went in and out to recess and kids left class to go to the bathroom; plus the busy noisy library was about 15 feet away. Jeannie persevered.

CELDT testing begins

This week, we worked at Morey Avenue Elementary, Castori, and Foothill Oaks. The best part: I get to work with Adrienne every day. My favorite name of a student so far: Keeb Kwn. I had to ask about the pronunciation. “kang koo” I was told. Well, of course.