Dinner at Linda’s

Linda invited a few friends over for dinner.

Adrienne, Val, Linda

Kathy W, Linda, Kathy F

Kathy W, Adrienne, Linda, Val

Linda’s husband Ron buys and sells sports memorabilia. A display of vintage bats:
Thank you Linda for having all of us over. Dinner was delicious.

Picture-taking day

Thais (and Lenin) tried to take pictures for my Christmas card. Here are two of the best – out of about 50!
Later, in the evening, Thais and Sophia went to a King’s game and Lenin had a coaching clinic, so I came and stayed with the boys. After playing Beyblades for a while, Carson and I played Bird Bingo. He knows quite a few of the 64 birds, his favorites seem to be the Hoopoe and Blue-footed Booby.