Craft fair

Four Seasons Westshore had a craft fair this evening. The first one I’ve ever done. For the past few weeks, I’ve been gathering, drying, cracking and shelling walnuts – I had 28 pounds ready to sell. I also made candied walnuts in 8 ounce bags – I had 15 packages. I had absolutely no idea how much to bring, make, or charge.

Thais and Sophia helped me design the table display. Sophia picked out all the fabrics for the “Justin’s Walnuts” applique. Everything was made from scraps. I asked Sophia if she wanted to help, she said yes, “I’ll be the cashier” and negotiated her wages for the evening ($5.00). I was quite happy!
Other vendors:
I sold all the candied walnuts and just 8 pounds of shelled walnuts. Mostly it was fun to work with Sophia, an excellent money manager.

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