Sewing project

A couple of weeks ago, Jibe asked if I could sew their logo patch onto some picnic blankets. Sure.

I finished 10 of them and thought all along the way how to make the process faster, more efficient.

Grandchildren to the rescue for the final 20 blankets. Big thanks to Dad who made the suggestion. Everyone unboxed, unwrapped, and opened up the blankets. Sophia laid out one blanket at a time on the ironing board and pinned back the inside label, set up the ruler, patch, and pins.

I pinned and sewed on the patch.

Avery unpinned, refolded, rezipped.

Carson packed up the finished product:

What would have taken me 5 hours took just 2! One happy grandma by noontime!

All-star baseball

At Morse Park in Elk Grove. Avery had games on Sunday and Monday.

Sunday. Avery’s River Park team beat the team from Galt. Avery bunted a fair ball just inside the line and made it to first:

Monday. River Park v Laguna. A hit to the outfield:

Avery scored the only run River Park got.

Sadly River Park lost.

Folsom Rodeo

Justin and I met at Thais and Lenin’s house for dinner.

Despite the nearby overhead lines, the parachutist made a perfect landing:

All the usual rodeo events including barrel racing:

And, of course, fireworks at the end:


Today when I arrived, the games were stacked in order of play. First up, bird bingo.

Carson always chooses a couple of memory games – he knows he can win those.

Grandma taxi

I love helping Thais and Lenin when work (or golf) conflicts with the kids’ activities. On Tuesday and Thursday, I picked up Carson at basketball, then picked up Sophia from volleyball at St Ignatius, a quick lunch and 30 minutes later I dropped off Carson at St Ignatius, and drove Avery and Carson back home. Entertainment provided by:

Game day

Time with Sophia Avery Carson and Charlie while Lenin played a round of golf. Carson loves to play games. This was our finished stack for the day.

Charlie found a great resting place with a chin rest:

Safe travels

Time for Phyl to travel south to visit her sister in Bakersfield – by train.

This was the pre-dawn start to my busiest day of May-is-Bike-Month. Ahead: Project Ride Smart at H Allen Hight all morning, Westlake Bike Club in hottest part of the afternoon, and Zoom meeting #5 for Better on Bikes in the evening. Friday will be a complete day off – hurray!