Boys and walnuts

Early morning, three of us on the couch each on our own devices but still chatting. He-who-shall-not-be-ignored, Charlie, wasn’t satisfied being 3 feet away, climbed up and sat across our feet … until Dad noticed. “Charlie! Get down!” Charlie listened immediately!

In the afternoon, I went to Justin’s to gather walnuts. I only harvested from 5 trees this year. My back now prefers that I rake, scoop and fill bags for just two hours. The cows came to watch what I was doing.

One small area looked like it was the daily gathering spot for meals. Lots of empty shells.

Lots of leaves and twigs were also scooped up which meant there was more sorting at home until there was a good layer of walnuts drying on the chicken wire rack on the patio.

Spaghetti dinner

Tonight was the 8th grade annual spaghetti dinner at St Ignatius. Lilli, Sophia, Esperanza:

Thais co-chaired the event.

Raffle winners:

A special treat at the end of the evening, a visit with one of my 4th grade students, Becky, whose own 3 children are in or just graduated college. She and her husband are now empty-nesters.

Grandparents Day

at St Ignatius.

After the welcome reception, the classes came in one by one and students went to find their grandparents. I happened to be sitting with Zane’s grandparents, one of Carson’s good friends.

Then we all went to mass. Avery wasn’t with us because the 5th grade was in charge of the service. Leo, Jackson, Sophia, me, Carson. Hudson and his grandma Margaret (Jackson’s grandmother also) sat with us.

After mass, we visited every classroom and the upper science lab


I picked up Sophia Avery and Carson after school. One of Carson’s favorite games is Memory..

.. because he always beats me. His right hand is thumbs down over my very short stack.

Later, we all went to Sophia’s volleyball game at SI.


Thursday at St Ignatius:

Saturday at Our Lady of Grace in W Sacramento. Avery was one of the line judges.

Multi-tasking on the sidelines: patting Grandma’s knee while singing in an unrecognizable language and playing a game on the iPad with his left hand.

The tournament continued on Sunday and SI won.

Volleyball birthday

Sophia’s St Ignatius volleyball team had a tournament on Sunday at Christian Brothers. I was there for the first game and the girls looked so good, they sort of crushed the other team in two quick sets.

They won the tournament. Sophia with Lily and Emma:

Sunday was also my birthday. We are all so busy that our September birthday family dinner will happen soon but not today. Lucy came by in the afternoon for a glass (or 2?) of champagne. Justin came by with flowers. Special thanks to all who sent a card, including – LOL – my doctor: