Tarantula attack!

Avery was attacked by a giant crocheted tarantula while visiting the other day.

I crocheted this spider over the past two weeks. The legs, arms and fangs have a wire structure inside so the legs can be bent. Sophia learned how to make a starting loop, chain and single crochet!


Carson really likes the cream cheese & crackers Sophia makes for him.

I told Avery a while back that when I was in 6th grade at Westside Elementary, I was able to ride all the way home from school without hands – about 1 mile, 1 right turn, 1 left turn. He started practicing and today shared how good he’s gotten. He went all the way around the block.

Riding with no hands was always a BIG no-no when I taught Project Ride Smart. Nevertheless, it’s a great skill to have and fun.

Out to dinner

Thais and Lenin went out for dinner tonight and the kids came over for a while. We played Hide and Seek repeatedly. Avery mostly did the hiding – he’s pretty inventive about good hiding places and small enough to fit in them. He did ask me how dirty the clothes were in the basket. Uh .. not that dirty, I guess.


Oh Charlie! It’s not good to chew on the green fort-building sticks!

The only solution was to pick up the sticks and the purple balls which Charlie also likes to chew on. Avery came to help, but partway through, he said, “Grandma, do you think you can handle the rest of this? I don’t want to die in Fortnite.” No problem. LOL.

With nothing more to chew on, Charlie headed downstairs.

Don’t tell Mom

Has your grandchild ever asked you to keep a secret from the parents? Today I drove Sophia and Avery to their golf lesson at Campus Commons. Carson came along with us especially since going to Starbuck’s is always a part our trips. Before we left, Carson came over to me and whispered, “Can I have a tall chocolate milk? But don’t tell Mom, she doesn’t want me to have one. So we’re going to keep it a secret, right?” Several times over the next hour and a half, he periodically checked that we were still keeping a secret.

When we got home, Carson ran into the house and up to his mom and said, “Grandma bought me a tall chocolate milk!” A secret no longer.

Sophia Avery and Carson

All the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are picture-side down and sorted by the tens column (that was my job). Carson put in the pieces in numerical order. Smile.

Avery, nice brother, gives Carson a lot of leeway to be a tough guy. Bigger smile.

Welcome back to California

Yesterday I drove 952 miles. I left at 5:30, drove to Well NV, met Dave and Phyl who had driven from Deer Lodge MT. Amazingly we arrived at our meeting point within minutes of each other. After a short break, we all got back into our vehicles and drove home. Phyl and I got back to my house at 7:30 pm, just 30 minutes before the curfew required us to be off the streets.

This morning, we went for a walk around Fisherman’s Lake: