Justin came to Thais & Lenin’s for a quick food exchange.

Someone liked the homemade whipped cream way more than the pie that went underneath it:

We played Ravine, a game of survival. Carson was the card shuffler and distributor of cards. Below, I think I had drawn a madness card which required me to throw my cards in the air and shriek. OMG, Grandma had gone crazy, at least until someone figured out how to make me stop. Believe me, everyone was interested in a quick solution.

Meanwhile in other parts of the country, people got together by texting message and pictures. Dave and Phyl in Montana:

Carol and Jerry in Bakersfield CA:

Party Car

Today Avery turned 9 years old. Being the strange year that it is, our party happened right here:

A gift in the back seat and TWO items each from Starbucks. Happy Birthday!! And three days later, Hedwig was finished:

Back to school

Sophia, Avery and Carson are all in school at home. Sophia does great working in her room. Avery has a desk in the office and wears headphones. Carson is in TK and benefits from some guidance. The morning prayer:



Practicing basic multiplication facts, I’m in charge of the stopwatch:

Cloud Bread

I guess Cloud Bread is all the rage on TikTok. This time Sophia made a reddish batch.

The texture was airy, the smell was a strong sulphury egg … and that was as far as I got. Why would I taste something that smelled so bad?

Avery, what would your mom and dad say if they saw you standing up there? “They’d probably tell me to get down.” That’s what I thought.