Baseball and basketball

Little League season is coming soon. Avery helped Carson and his friend Hudson get their gear ready for practice.

Immediately after, Carson had a basketball game:

At this level of beginning basketball, not every player is paying attention all the time which means a scoring opportunity for Carson. If he grabs a rebound or intercepts a pass, he will race down the court ahead of everyone and go for a lay-up which he usually makes.

A perfect Sunday

Today started by not going to Carson’s flag football game which happened “rain or shine.” Rain as it turned out. Next Avery’s basketball game. He scored:


The rest of the day. Starbucks mocha, NFL playoffs, and two sewing projects ready to go.

By the time the Cincinnati Bengals won their game, one project was finished – a Christmas gift request from Sophia, who chose the fabric.


I picked up Carson and Avery after school. I was showing Carson some pictures I took of him at his basketball game. Charlie, under the table, laid his head on my lap – again, he won’t be left out.

Later that evening, a fierce game of basketball at St John the Evangelist.

Avery passing to Christian: