Your bike rides this week

From the past 2 weeks!

Sunday January 16. Cheryl and Jane went to lunch downtown on this ride:

Monday January 17. Dani, me, Leo, and Kathy at Teal Bend Golf Course:

Tuesday January 18. Dani, Cheryl, and Kathy:

Thursday January 20. Dani, Kathy, Cheryl, Leo, me at Scott’s on the River:

Sunday January 23. Cheryl and Jane:

Monday January 24. Jane, Kathy, Amal, Cheryl at Teal Bend Golf Course:

Thursday January 27. Barbara, Jonathan, Cheryl and I rode to Costco for a standing-up hot dog lunch:

Sunday January 30. Mayte, Cheryl, and I rode downtown to Chocolate Fish to meet about 50 other riders for a social ride to the new 12th St bike corridor (it’s great!).


After applying in November and interviewing in early December, I found out last week that I was appointed to the Sacramento County Bicycle Advisory Committee. Tonight was my first meeting, by Zoom of course.

I’m going to enjoy knowing what’s going on bicycle-wise in the county and being able to have some input. One interesting fact regarding accomplishments by the Sac County in 2021 was 17 miles of bicycle lane and intersection improvements. One of those areas was our nearby Metro Air Parkway which we use at least once/week to cross I-5 when we ride around the airport.

Sports Sunday

Busy day. Avery played flag football at Jesuit HS:

Carson played basketball at El Camino HS:

Sophia played 3 volleyball games at @the Grounds in Roseville (part of a 3-day tournament). The Roebbelen Center has 24 indoor volleyball courts. Sophia’s team won their division on Monday.

Meanwhile Avery had a basketball game in the late afternoon. Three kids who love a variety of sports keep their parents hopping.

Your bike rides this week

Sunday January 2. A good way to begin 2022. Leo took this picture of Barbara and Cheryl:

Wednesday January 5. Cheryl, Barbara and I did a pre-ride for tomorrow night’s Bike Party:

Thursday January 6. Bike Party, an 8-mile slow roll through the neighborhood:

Saturday January 7. Leo was the ride leader, with me, Cheryl and Jane following, when we were passed by a very large and very fast group of cyclists. For a while, we rode with the “big boys.”

Perhaps a new favorite destination ride: hot dogs at Costco.

Monday January 10. Jonathan took this picture of Dani, Kathy, Jane, Cindy, and me on the new Metro Air Parkway crossing I-5:

Tuesday January 11. Cheryl, Leo, Kathy, Dani and I rode to Teal Bend and back:

Thursday January 13. Cheryl took this picture of Dani, Leo, and Kathy:

Friday January 14. Cheryl took this picture of Jane, Kathy, and Dani

Saturday January 15. Mayte, Cheryl and I rode to W Sacramento and back:

Unfinished v finished

When my flight on December 27 was postponed for 24 hours, I was at a loss for something to do to pass the time. Therefore, out came a jigsaw puzzle. I kept working on it after I got home, quite obsessively at times, but it was rather slow-going. Today, it went back in the box. I need my table back!

On the other hand, I did finish two t-shirts when I wasn’t trying to find another puzzle piece.