American River Parkway

Pete’s wife Suzanne came with us to William Pond Park along the American River Parkway. Suzanne drove my car home, Pete and I rode back. It was about 20 beautiful miles.

Suzanne & Pete

The American River from the Guy West Bridge:

Kirk Talon

I was the 30th house in our neighborhood to receive this personal concert. So fun. The drum is called a RavVast. I encourage everyone who reads this to go to Kirk’s YouTube channel to watch more of his performances. He’s currently creating an “Isolation” series of songs. Click on this link: Kirk Talon

Busy Friday

In the morning, Pete and I rode to Old Sac and back.

In the afternoon, I went to see Ade’s new house, line some drawers, and

wait for a furniture delivery.

In the evening, the neighbors on my street gathered to have drinks and conversation.

Crete Island Lane

Bike ride

Lucy got her bike out, dusted it off, got it serviced, bought a helmet and gloves, and went for her first ride in a very long time.

I loved her husband Jim’s response. He text me later in the afternoon: “Whatever you did today, KEEP IT UP!! Lucy is revitalized!!!” A ringing endorsement for bicycling. Thanks Jim.

Sunday bike ride

We loaded our bikes onto my car and drove to the Crocker Art Gallery.

Jacob’s Ladder

Pete’s wife Suzanne came with us and drove my car home. Their son, Danny, rode in from South Sacramento to ride with us. Danny teaches 5th grade at Dry Creek Elementary in Rio Linda. Another small-world connection: one long-retired and now deceased teacher at Dry Creek – Ray Lafevere – was a classmate in Pete’s 3rd grade class.

We rode to Sac State and then back through the city to home. 20 miles!

by Stephen Kaltenbach

Helping out

Uh-oh, Avery likes using 2 iPads at once.

I drove Thais’ car to drop off Avery and Sophia for golf lessons.

I found out what Carson likes at Starbucks: chocolate milk and a cheese Danish.

And all those crumbs did not fall in my car. Smile.