4 Seasons Quilters

Jane Christopherson started a quilting group where I live. Today was the first meeting.
We will meet one Friday afternoon per month for 4-5 hours in the clubhouse.
It was so much fun to see what everyone was working on. Carol cut out a Star Wars shirt for her grandson’s first day of school:
Hilly brought an unfinished project from 2009!

Best discovery was a needle threader – and a couple were quickly ordered on Amazon!
What did I work on? Although the seven ladies who attended saw my project, no one else has. For months, when someone has asked me what I’m currently sewing (like Phyllis and Thais), I have declined to say. All will be revealed in late September.

Val & Chuck’s summer party

An annual event that everyone totally enjoys. Almost everyone is a retired teacher/employee from Rio Linda Union School District, before or somewhat after it morphed into Twin Rivers Unified School District.

Carole Jennings, Georgene Cooper, Terry Wood, Kathleen Fairwell

Wendy Wood, Shirley DeGooyer

Maxine Pohan, Kathy Wymore

Jean Zeleski, Ann Brooks

Linda Chaix, me

Thank you Rich Jennings and Lance DeGooyer for being barbecue masters:Thank you Val for having this party every year. Every single person absolutely loves it!

San Giovanni Day 2018

In the early afternoon, I gathered green walnuts at Justin’s.

As custom requires, about 30 green walnuts gathered by a barefoot (non-) virgin.
Then I drove a bit north of Truckee to Old Greenwood.
Maria was waiting to welcome me!
This weekend,Tim and Maria also invited Mike & Renee and Joy & Jim:
Making nocino. Thank you Mike for chopping the green walnuts into quarters:
Then we taste-tested the 2016 and 2017 vintages:The consensus was the 1-year-old was better, sweeter.
Maria and Renee:
And then a game of pool (smile/hugs: there’s Maria in the background fluffing my pillow):
Every year is different. Thank you, Tim & Maria, for inviting me to OG and making this San Giovanni Day very special.

Underwater posing

This afternoon after zoo camp, we went to the racquet club to go swimming. “Grandma! Take my picture when I …”

You’re about to see WAY too many pictures but there were so many good ones! 

I am about to get soaked:

Then the camera went underwater.When Avery saw this one, he said, “There’s that smile.” Sophia sometimes chooses this smile for pictures:
Back at home, Carson’s first words, “Old MacDonald’s Farm on Grandma’s iPad?” He loves watching different versions of this song on YouTube.


Dave and Phyl drove out from Montana a few days ago to pick up another load of their belongings. Dave is not exactly fond of my continuous picture-taking:They left early Thursday morning. By the way, they still had to drive to their old house (now owned by their son) to attach an overloaded trailer.

Bike Doc at Heritage Westshore

North Natomas Transportation Management Association (NNTMA) brought Bike Doc to Heritage Westshore.Four mechanics made small repairs or adjustments to 26 bicycles in our community.Abbey Stumpf shared information about the services and programs provided by NNTMA.We also collected some basic bicycling data from residents.OMG, I misspelled the word “cautious.”

Zoo camp

This week, Avery and Sophia have been at the Sacramento Zoo summer camp. Avery’s group, he’s in there somewhere:Sophia’s group. Eventually I found both of them. Or rather they found me.