San Giovanni Day 2018

In the early afternoon, I gathered green walnuts at Justin’s.

As custom requires, about 30 green walnuts gathered by a barefoot (non-) virgin.
Then I drove a bit north of Truckee to Old Greenwood.
Maria was waiting to welcome me!
This weekend,Tim and Maria also invited Mike & Renee and Joy & Jim:
Making nocino. Thank you Mike for chopping the green walnuts into quarters:
Then we taste-tested the 2016 and 2017 vintages:The consensus was the 1-year-old was better, sweeter.
Maria and Renee:
And then a game of pool (smile/hugs: there’s Maria in the background fluffing my pillow):
Every year is different. Thank you, Tim & Maria, for inviting me to OG and making this San Giovanni Day very special.

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