Tour de Arlete

LOL – I think this blog post can reasonably be considered a vanity project. Leaving Four Seasons Westshore:

Arena Blvd

Macon Dr

Club Center Dr

North Park Dr

Natomas Blvd

See what happens when you’re almost famous … it’s gone straight to my head. It was a very good 15-mile bike ride also.

Bike Doc

This week, Bike Doc was at Four Seasons Westshore and I got to interact a little bit with neighbors.

The mechanics worked until after dark, then two of them had to ride bikes towing the big heavy trailers filled with supplies back to the Jibe office (with one climb on Del Paso Rd over I-5).

Almost famous

Remember the photo shoot I did at the Jibe office back in early July? I ended up on a few banners around N Natomas, including this one as you exit Four Seasons Westshore:

There are five more. I need to go for a bike ride and find them! Tour de Arlete?

Wide Open Walls: Sunday

Today’s route was all downtown – a pain using a car, much easier on a bike. I parked in Old Sac. I couldn’t find the first artist, Bryan Valenzuela in Firehouse Alley:

The next four artists were all in Improv Alley between 7th & 8th:

Madelyne Joan Templeton


Brandon Alexandr


In Merchant Alley, the artist 2 Hermano:

The artist 594evah painted a tribute to Danny Sandoval, a well-known local musician:

And this very special moment:

Jazz Alley

Diana Ormanzhi:

Governors Alley

Paige Woolford:

509 12th St

My last stop of the day. Raphael Delgado:

Raphael said he chose to do this mural because he thought everyone could use a hug during our current challenging times. So true.

555 Capitol Mall

Wide Open Walls – Saturday

I volunteered this year at Wide Open Walls. The Sacramento mural festival was first conceived as an idea to activate spaces in alleyways and buildings throughout Sacramento. I was called an Art Ambassador. I drove a route to visit all the art but mostly to see if the working artist needed anything.

Jose De Gregorio:

UCD Med Center parking garage

Ana Valentine:

UCD Med Center parking garage

At Canon Restaurant:

Michele Murtaugh & Paige:

E.O.N.75 aka Max Ehrman:

1220 Blumenfeld Dr

Keya Tama:

1901 Del Paso Rd

Edgewater Rd:

Finished! Allison Bamcat signing her art:

Spencer Keaton Cunningham:

1511 Del Paso Blvd

Shane Grammer:

1511 Del Paso Rd

Kirileigh Jones:

1409 Del Paso Rd

MJ Lindo-Lawyer:

1616 J St

Brandon Gastinell:

1616 J St

Shonna McDaniels:

1403 19th St

Lily Mott:

1901 Alhambra

Lisa Elias:

1901 Alhambra

I had a lot of nice chats with artists, no one needed anything. I especially enjoyed listening to Lisa Elias as she analyzed her work from across the street.

Lisa also recommended the restaurant across the street: Casa Tulum. In addition to good food, I am supposed to check out more of her work in the bathroom. I’m going to do that!