Wide Open Walls – Saturday

I volunteered this year at Wide Open Walls. The Sacramento mural festival was first conceived as an idea to activate spaces in alleyways and buildings throughout Sacramento. I was called an Art Ambassador. I drove a route to visit all the art but mostly to see if the working artist needed anything.

Jose De Gregorio:

UCD Med Center parking garage

Ana Valentine:

UCD Med Center parking garage

At Canon Restaurant:

Michele Murtaugh & Paige:

E.O.N.75 aka Max Ehrman:

1220 Blumenfeld Dr

Keya Tama:

1901 Del Paso Rd

Edgewater Rd:

Finished! Allison Bamcat signing her art:

Spencer Keaton Cunningham:

1511 Del Paso Blvd

Shane Grammer:

1511 Del Paso Rd

Kirileigh Jones:

1409 Del Paso Rd

MJ Lindo-Lawyer:

1616 J St

Brandon Gastinell:

1616 J St

Shonna McDaniels:

1403 19th St

Lily Mott:

1901 Alhambra

Lisa Elias:

1901 Alhambra

I had a lot of nice chats with artists, no one needed anything. I especially enjoyed listening to Lisa Elias as she analyzed her work from across the street.

Lisa also recommended the restaurant across the street: Casa Tulum. In addition to good food, I am supposed to check out more of her work in the bathroom. I’m going to do that!

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