Wide Open Walls: Sunday

Today’s route was all downtown – a pain using a car, much easier on a bike. I parked in Old Sac. I couldn’t find the first artist, Bryan Valenzuela in Firehouse Alley:

The next four artists were all in Improv Alley between 7th & 8th:

Madelyne Joan Templeton


Brandon Alexandr


In Merchant Alley, the artist 2 Hermano:

The artist 594evah painted a tribute to Danny Sandoval, a well-known local musician:

And this very special moment:

Jazz Alley

Diana Ormanzhi:

Governors Alley

Paige Woolford:

509 12th St

My last stop of the day. Raphael Delgado:

Raphael said he chose to do this mural because he thought everyone could use a hug during our current challenging times. So true.

555 Capitol Mall

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