After work

Val was working in North Natomas today and we met at Pete’s Bistro after she got off work.

My “look” reflects a day of grocery shopping, prepping in the kitchen for upcoming events, and not leaving myself enough time to get ready. Oh my … it’s just the start of the holiday season.


Carson was sick this morning and couldn’t go to school. I watched him in the morning. We put together puzzles and played Bird Bingo and Dog Bingo. He picks out which cards each of us should have. We both need to have a “Carter” – a golden retriever – on our cards. He was peeking inside the bag to select a dog that was on his card but not mine (lol):

When he knows you’re going to take his picture, this is the look he gives you:

After EVERY turn we had to individually count how many dots each of us had to determine who was ahead. Despite the fact that there are just 25 spaces on each card, Carson had 38 dots! And he was always winning. LOL.

Ride-along for Jibe

Wednesday and Thursday morning at o’dark 30, I met a Jibe Express bus at the starting point of their route. I did three routes each morning, a different route/driver each day. I offered a fresh muffin from Bella Bru Cafe to each passenger that boarded. Once the bus got on the freeway headed to downtown Sacramento, I reminded them of upcoming changes, holiday hours, the free emergency ride home service, and how they could track the buses in real time using a new app, and took feedback if there was any. After dropping off the last passenger, we headed back to the start of the route again.
By 9 am each day I was done. What a fun job!

To Penn Valley

Because Tim was going to play glow-ball (night golf using LED golf balls) on Saturday night, Maria invited me up to Lake Wildwood. I met her, after her round of golf, at the clubhouse. Her sister and husband were there also.

Maria, Theresa, Roy

Four Seasons Craft Fair

The last two weeks have been busy with getting walnuts ready for Friday night and Saturday morning. I have 29 pounds of walnut halves, 25 8-ounce bags of candied walnuts, and 30 snack size bags of candied walnuts – 10 walnuts in each bag. I have a rectangular table this year and a great location at the back of the room – both improvements from last year.

We were able to set up early in the day. There were 25 crafters this year. Ena-Laurie had a great jewelry table next to me:

This artist had beautiful fused glass pieces:

The view from behind my table. The craft fair was part of the twice-monthly TGIF so it was very well attended.
Friday night was for residents. Saturday morning was for family and friends. I was surprised it was also well attended:

Good news: I sold ALL my inventory except for a few of the snack size bags.