Work at Jibe

This afternoon, I worked at Jibe for a couple of hours while everyone was out of the office. There was absolutely nothing to do until 2 minutes before closing time. And then I struggled through my one and only sale to add money onto his wife’s Jibe Express card.

Bike rides

On Tuesday I went for a 6.5-mile test ride to see how happy my ankle would be afterwards. It was ok, not great but ok. I sent out an email to the Four Season bicycle interest group. On Wednesday, Pete rode with me.

Sunflowers in Hummingbird Park

On Thursday, Jean-Marie and Ingrid rode.

Walnut processing this week

My walnut processing “factory” in the garage was humming this week. The gathered walnuts are a mix of perfect walnuts, imperfect walnuts, and debris – all that needs to be sorted. I poured a half bag into the shallow plastic box each time. The perfect walnuts went into the white bowl which was then dumped into a bag until it was almost full. The imperfect walnuts went to the right and were dumped into a separate bag – I may just throw these away in the end. The debris left in the plastic box was dumped into a third bag.
The perfect walnuts then get weighed, 12 pounds per bag, and put on shelves. I’m at 439 pounds with lots to go. The other garage activity was cracking a bowl (after bowl after bowl) full of the perfect walnuts,

then sitting at the dining room table with the tv remote nearby and shelling them,

followed by making candied walnuts and making one-pound packages of walnut halves.

Watching SAC

On my calendar, I abbreviate Sophia Avery Carson to SAC. Tonight Thais and Lenin went out. When I arrived, Dog Bingo was already laid out on the floor.

Avery, “Carson, get on my back while I do a pushup.”

Lunch at Gina’s

Gina and I have taught Project Ride Smart together, periodically, for the last few years. She is a really creative person who makes jewelry and other decorative items by up-cycling bicycle parts.
Her second bedroom is her studio. I love seeing other people’s work spaces. She’s very well organized.

Volleyball championship game

I tried to go to Sophia’s game this afternoon, but there was a brush fire that closed I-5. All the traffic diverted onto the side streets. When it took me 20 minutes to go less than 2 miles, I knew I would not make it to the game. Darn. Sophia’s St Ignatius volleyball team won. Thais sent me the pictures.

Walnuts gathered

I raked and picked up the final section of walnuts today. Of course by this last day, I finally figured the best way to bag them. It started with Justin’s neighbor, Mitch, who loaned me his walnut-gathering tools. That day I went to the hardware store in Marysville and got my own. A light weight walnut rake and a lightweight fork with a bit of a backstop on it.
Justin got the walnuts inside the pasture and loaded some of the bags into his trunk for delivery to my garage. The last 5 trees had the biggest yield I think. 27 bags today. Yes, my body aches from the exercise I got this week.
My garage is FULL of bags of walnuts.

Dinner for Six

The third of three Dinners for Six was at my house tonight. I made a hearty beef stew and green salad. Everyone else brought everything else.

Kathie and Peg

Linda, Kathie, Mike

Peg, Denise

This was a fun Four Seasons Westshore event to participate in.