Walnut processing this week

My walnut processing “factory” in the garage was humming this week. The gathered walnuts are a mix of perfect walnuts, imperfect walnuts, and debris – all that needs to be sorted. I poured a half bag into the shallow plastic box each time. The perfect walnuts went into the white bowl which was then dumped into a bag until it was almost full. The imperfect walnuts went to the right and were dumped into a separate bag – I may just throw these away in the end. The debris left in the plastic box was dumped into a third bag.
The perfect walnuts then get weighed, 12 pounds per bag, and put on shelves. I’m at 439 pounds with lots to go. The other garage activity was cracking a bowl (after bowl after bowl) full of the perfect walnuts,

then sitting at the dining room table with the tv remote nearby and shelling them,

followed by making candied walnuts and making one-pound packages of walnut halves.

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