Baseball season

One sport rolls into the next. Basketball is coming to an end, time for t-ball for Avery.dsc05049dsc05050dsc05052Teaching my grandchildren to check the back seat for their belongings before I leave – the pile of things I found today. Including a piece of chewed gum in a crevice =( dsc05056

Rain and levee update

Sacramento is at 199% of normal rainfall for the year. The impact on infrastructure has been dramatic, levee projects scheduled for future years are happening NOW. Trucks hauling rock are a common sight these days as levee repairs and rain continued.dsc05028The post office in Nicolaus. I watched the black car for a while as the two men inside tried to figure out how to get their mail. They pulled into the parking lot, both doors opened, and the men looked out at the 6″ deep water. The doors closed, the car left the parking lot and stopped in the middle of the road, one man got out and opened the trunk – I’m sure he got out his rubber boots.dsc05029In the middle of the night, a tree fell on Justin’s street and we lost power for half a day.dsc05032Meanwhile, the daffodils are blooming.dsc05034Rain, rain, go away. Not yet. An isolated storm heading for E Nicolaus.dsc05046dsc05047

Levee repairs

While the mandated evacuation order has been lifted for the Oroville Dam emergency, school will not be back in session until at least Feb 21. In addition to the massive repair effort going on at the dam, there is also a flurry of activity along the nearby Feather River levee. Justin took these pictures today. Compare them to the pictures from last Sunday to see the contrast. At Verona, the confluence, the water is farther across the road.837520170216951610128380Great sheets of plastic go down first:2017021695161002Followed by gravel:20170216_1605118370Sacramento is at 188% of normal rainfall which will increase because rain is in the forecast. Fingers are crossed!