Across the Golden Gate

A group of us met at the Larkspur Ferry Terminal in time to unload our bikes and purchase a ticket for the 9:20 ferry to San Francisco.

The bikes went down a steep set of stairs (on a narrow metal ramp) to a bike rack.

Goodbye Larkspur:

San Quentin:

Becky and me:

San Francisco skyline:

At Fort Point National Historic Site. Becky, Mike, David, me, Chris, Larry, Charlie, Steven, (kneeling) Alan:

Next, a climb to get up to ocean side of the bridge – pedestrians use the bay side.

Caution at the blind corners at the bridge towers and stay out of the way if you’re stopped:

A descent into Sausalito for lunch at an Italian deli, Venice, where they let all 9 of us walk our bikes through their store to park in a small enclosed area. Excellent sandwiches, great service!


And then the climbing began. I was so happy to have my e-bike, I was able to keep up and wasn’t completely spent. Thank you Chris and Steven from Arlete’s BIG for joining me on this adventure. Thank you Charlie for inviting me and the everyone in our cycling group. Fantastic ride! Our 31.5-mile route:

Bike Doc

This morning, I worked as the receptionist at Bike Doc at the North Natomas Farmer’s Market. We took in 51 bikes which were serviced by about 8 mechanics FREE of charge.

Your bike rides this week

Monday May 23. Terri, Cindy, Dani, Kathy:

Tuesday May 24. Kathy, Cheryl, Leo, Amal:

Wednesday May 25. Dani, Kathy, Barbara, Cheryl:

Leo took this picture of Jeorgiann, Rupert and Brian:

Thursday May 26. Dani, Kathy, Leo, Mary, Rich, Cheryl:

Saturday May 28. Breakfast ride with Rich, Lennore, Maria, Juan, Raina, and Mary:

On a different, longer ride were Jane, Kathy, Dani, Cheryl:

Westlake Bike Club

Tuesday. It was hot so we shortened the ride a bit. The first water stop had a wonderful surprise water feature.

Thursday. Our final club meeting. Getting ready to leave.

First stop, Natomas Regional Park with the water feature which no one used because the temperatures are much cooler. Playground equipment was more appealing.

Second stop, Wild Rose Park. Riding here was optional.

Back at school, we had ice cream cones and gave feedback to Mellissa from Jibe. A very successful first-ever after-school bike club. Lots of riding because students had taken Project Ride Smart.

Your bike rides this week

Sunday May 15. Barbara, Jane, Cheryl:

Tuesday May 17. Barbara had a great ride in Monterey.

Thursday May 19. Dani, Cheryl, Kathy:

More great views from Barbara in Monterey area:

Saturday May 21. Tracy, Brenda, and Elaine:

Also on Saturday and participating in Jibe’s Joy Ride: Jane, Cheryl, Leo, Kathy, Dani.