Day 2

After breakfast, the ladies played 18 holes,

followed by lunch in the Cedar Room. Then came the very popular Filly Race. The top six teams from Wednesday’s 9-hole round played. Carts raced from hole to hole and lined the greens to watch them┬áplay 6 holes. Teams are eliminated after each hole.

That evening, a group of us went to dinner at the clubhouse. Fun!!

Day 1

Early in the morning, I unpacked 120 pair of shoes from these boxesand sorted them first by size, then by team number.Warming up for the 9-hole practice round:Maria and her guest Kathy from Green Valley Golf Club:At the end of the round, it was time to pick up shoes, participate in a putting contest, and get a team picture taken. This year’s theme was A League of Our Own, so there was a lot of baseball attire. The group on the right worn hot dog and bun hats.

To Penn Valley

Maria invited me to help with the annual Lake Wildwood Ladies Invitational 3-day golf tournament. Maria and Dottie organized this year’s event. My job was to do all those little things to help things run smoothly. Today I stapled papers,organized snacks in a large tub,and visited the Cedar Room where lunch will be served on Thursday and Friday.Later we went to dinner at Chris’ house.

Linda, Chris, Maria

A great view from the deck:

Field trip

Sophia and Avery had a minimum day and I got to spend the afternoon with them. Pillow fight, laughing all the time, each trying to strike a triumphant pose so I could take a picture. Later we drove out to Rio Linda to Summer Star Horse Ranch. We’re exploring the idea of taking lessons. We got to observe a lesson in progressand meet the ponies.

Project Ride Smart

This was the third and final week of Project Ride Smart at Regency Park Elementary. Street rides on Monday and Tuesday.Doug leading the green group:Deanna leading the yellow group:On Thursday we set up four “fun” stations that groups of students rotated through. Calf roping – throwing a hula hoop over a chair while riding a bike. Triple Rings of Fire – a figure 8 with an extra loop. Newspaper Boy – throwing newspapers at a target. And the very popular Slow Race – the last person to cross the finish line without touching a foot to the ground is the winner.At the end of each class, the winner of each rotation competed to become class champion.

Bee rescue

Avery found a bee on his sock on the floor of his bedroom. He decided to rescue it, so he got some paper and tape and made a bee trap. We cut some “pollen” – bottlebrush stems – to attract the bee, Avery set it on the floor about 3 feet away from the bee. However, the bee wasn’t motivated by the pollen. In fact, it might have been injured or dying. I scooped it up with a glass and card slid underneath. Outside, Avery put the trap is a good place and we put the bee inside the trap to be closer to the pollen.I would say that was a successful rescue!

Bike ride – Saturday

The weather this morning was great. High 50s/low 60s. I skipped Avery’s Little League game to ride to Rio Linda to Farm & Tractor Days at the Dry Creek Ranch House.

A few kids at a time could go inside the enclosure and interact with farm animals. Cute kids and cute animals.
18.5 miles round-trip taking the shortest route possible.

Project Ride Smart

Monday and Tuesday: blacktop drills.Lined up waiting for me to demonstrate the 10-step left land turn:Friday was the first street ride. Students completed the ABCQuick Check before leaving campus.40 bikes secured for the weekend with an extremely long thick cable lock. Three days to go.