Shopping with Lenin

I need almost everything for my new house, like a television – I need some NOISE around me, it’s too quiet! With all the new technology that I don’t understand, it was invaluable to have Lenin help me. He researched features and prices in advance and, in the store, did all the negotiating with the sales people since the prices he had on his cell phone were less than the prices in the store. The manager came to help, then other associates came to watch. Six of them at one point! It was rather amusing to watch.Thank you Lenin!

Cynthia’s 70th birthday

On Saturday morning, Phyllis and I went tofor a surprise 70th birthday party for our cousin Cynthia.She thought she was meeting just her daughter Trina for brunch.Sisters Rebecca, Cynthia, Christine:In the next picture, second from the far right is our cousin Judy:I recommend the Bacon Bloody Mary (oh my!):

First night

A few basics were needed before I wanted to spend the night, like a real bed!And blinds on the windows. Phyl came over and helped line shelves.In the evening, Thais and the kids came over. First quest: where are good places for Hide and Seek. In the storage space under Grandma’s bed?After some coaxing, Avery looked up.

Project Ride Smart

Week 2 at Witter Ranch. At 7:00 am each day, 40 bikes were rolled out. Gina and Deanna were there to help along with fifth-grader Gymmat – thank you!Pollyanna prepped classes for the day’s activities.Students wore colored jerseys to identify their group. Before leaving the classroom, they complete a personal safety check.Outside students completed an ABCQuick Check on their bikes before riding.Sometimes a water break at the nearby park is a good idea.On Friday, we organized a few “fun” activities, beginning with a Chaos Box. The goal, after entering a small defined area, is to create order as quickly as possible. In less than 5 minutes every class was able to begin riding in a circle. Always counterclockwise, by the way. Mr McClurg’s class was the fastest at 51 seconds. Just before the start, Neilani began coaching those around her about what to do. I asked her how she already knew the solution. “I figured it out in my head.”The last time I did the Bean Drop, I had to repeatedly sweep up small kidney beans to keep the game going. This time I swept up not a single bean! 1.Use large dry white lima beans. 2.Students must drop one bean at a time in each of 6 buckets and, if the bean doesn’t land in the bucket, the student must stop to pick it up and try again.And there was an improvement to Paper Boy. I wrapped the newspapers in clear packing tape.At the end of each one-hour class, Otter Pops! It was hot, I had one after every class.

Crafting Saturday

at Calvary Lutheran. Thank you to seven ladies who came to Crafting Saturday. There were four different crafts, all relevant to Vacation Bible School in July and the Reformation Party in October.We made lavender sachet samples, four medieval chandeliers out of poster board and toilet paper rolls,

Mackenzie was the youngest participant.

and learned how to cut Luther’s Rose.The fourth craft was an illuminated letter, but turned into an at-home project for a few of us.

Project Ride Smart

This week, I worked at Witter Ranch School. Five classes of 5th graders. The daily arrival time was 7 am – oh my!As technology progresses, overhead projectors are disappearing. ELMOs (document cameras) are more common, but not at this school. So, to teach the Right of Way Rules, I went back to an “old school” solution – paper chart with movable vehicles. If the #1 rule is “First come, first served,” which car should leave the stop sign first? Second? Third?Outside, students prepare to do the ABCQuick Check. A=air in tires. B=brakes. C=chain, chain rings, cassette, cogs. Quick=quick release to adjust seat height.