Sophia and Avery

Tuesday, tee-ball practice for Avery, swim practice for Sophia.Thursday. “Grandma, take my picture with your phone.” Then Sophia texted it to her mom and day with the caption “This is NOT dangerous.”The rule is once we enter the gates of the neighborhood where they live, they can take off their seat belts … which explains this picture … that I didn’t know was taken by the other passenger in the back seat.Along with this one.And finally a great picture of the photographer’s legs.

Secret Sister Tea

at Calvary Lutheran. For the past year, a few of us have been participating the secret sister program. Today was the big reveal. At the photo booth, all of our Nicki’s: Nicki Sadek, Nicki Williams, and Niki Weber.Coincidentally, Deena and I were each other’s secret sister.

Sophia and Avery

“Grandma, I can peel my own egg. And put salt on it.”“But I don’t like the oak. You can have it.”“Grandma, take a picture of me.” Ok, but I wonder what your mom and dad will say.Sophia now has swim practice every weekday afternoon. Busy girl.

Project Ride Smart-Tuesday

The last day of Project Ride Smart lets students experience some of the fun things you can do on your bike. Gina did Calf Roping (throwing a hula hoop over a chair while riding):Doug supervised the “Triple Rings of Death” (ride a triple figure 8 and don’t crash into anyone).I did the Bean Drop.Perhaps the most interesting activity was the Chaos Box. Students lined up around a designated boundary.The goal was to restore order out of chaos as quickly as possible with no additional instructions. Soon, this develops:

Project Ride Smart-Monday

Only two days this week. It was also Teacher Appreciation Week. The Regency Park PTA welcomed teachers on Monday morning withandI always take the Red group for the street rides. I tell them they’re so lucky to be in the “fun” group (even though they’d been evaluated at a lower skill level).And then there are those special moments when you spot something and it makes you smile. (Thank you, Gina, for grabbing my camera and taking this picture!)