Thursday at Merrilyn’s …

at Arlete’s. Merrilyn hadn’t seen my house yet, so today was the day! Leek and pancetta tarts:Ham & cheese crescent spirals.No picture of dessert (my contribution) because I chickened out on making a black raspberry baked Alaska and served only ice cream with a blackberry syrup topping. I have since been reassured that a Pyrex pie plate will not break when it goes from the freezer to a 400-degree oven.

Happy Birthday

#69 for me and the party was at my house.Eek! Justin playing ball INSIDE the house.In and out of the cabinet. Again and again.Kissing the boo-boo after bumping his head on the way out of the cabinet.Thanks to everyone who sent me a card!

RLEHS Sunday Social

At the Dry Creek Ranch House. From the team at the Rio Linda Elverta Quilt Trail Project, this “quilt” is temporarily on the side of the water tower until it’s decided where it should go to be seen from Dry Creek Road.The speaker was Arianne Laidlaw, a local person who has studied the life and works of Mark Twain.This Throwdown was a good one, every sample was delicious.

Clockwise from bottom: Lyn’s Corn Thang, Catherine’s Creamy Corn & Zucchini, Arlete’s Hot Corn Dip

Hurray, Lyn won! Her husband told her not to come home if she didn’t win.I think they liked the Hot Corn Dip. Finishing her second bowl:This guy went on the hunt for another table’s leftovers:

Country Faire parade

The staging area was at Westside Park.

Green Acres 4-H

Quilt Trail Project

The Grange float had a trebuchet on the trailer which will be used to launch pumpkins at the October Pumpkin Festival.My view of the parade, following the Girl Scouts:This mural was painted for the first Country Faire in 2012, the 100th anniversary of Rio Linda’s founding.The end of the parade.

Making a float

Tomorrow is the Rio Linda Country Faire. Calvary Lutheran has always had a float in the Saturday parade. This year I borrowed Justin’s truck and a trailer from one of his friends (whose name is also Justin). The first stop was at CLC to load the bell into the bed of the truck.

The guys: Jim Williams, a helpful neighbor, Patrick Thorne, Spencer Thorne.

At Don and Leone’s house, a crew arrived to decorate.

Tessa and Aiden

Wednesday at Old Greenwood

At Maria’s cabin. Old Greenwood is a bit east of Truckee. It was a beautiful 1 1/2-hour drive from South Lake Tahoe.We walked up to the clubhouse for a cocktail.The sky began to darken so we headed back. This little jack rabbit took off early and didn’t get too wet:I think Val L got the wettest:Maria is such a great cook. Caprese salad:Pasta with fresh salmon in a light cream sauce with caviar.I think I have the best friends in the world. Thank you so much Adrienne and Maria for your invitations.