Monday at Lake Tahoe

We went for a walk in the morning. If you download an app, you can rent a LimeBike wherever you might find them. The little sign on the back says it costs $1/ride.Just across the state line are Nevada casinos:Heavenly Village:A scary-looking ski run at Heavenly Ski Resort.We planned to go out for dinner, but it started to rain. Hard. So we stayed in, had some snacks, and watched the Giants game.

Grandparents Day

This event was organized by the events committee. When we got to the clubhouse, Sophia only had one shoe. We looked and looked, Thais asked a few questions to which Sophia answered, “Mom, I feel like you’re relying on me to know where my shoes are.” In unison, Thais and I said, “They’re YOUR shoes.” LOL.Avery practiced a few tricks using my legs.

Soccer season begins

Carson wanted a little sunscreen on his tummy.Avery,”Hi Grandma. Can I borrow your gray iPad?” Soccer pictures will improve as soon as I can figure out the zoom on my camera – duh. I tried to go to Avery’s soccer game in the afternoon, but an accident closed down I-5 for about 7 hours and all the traffic clogged up the surface streets.

Carson entertains

I picked up Sophia and Avery from school so we could go fabric shopping for Sophia’s Halloween costume. After Thais got home with Carson, we had dinner together, and then visited for a while on the patio. Carson was quite entertaining. First he wanted to water some plants then ride the little roller coaster. He was delightful. As you look at this series of photos, also note the two immovable sibling statues on the glider.It’s Minecraft that has Sophia and Avery in a world of their own.Thais, “Sophia and Avery, Grandma’s leaving, say goodbye … Sophia! Avery! …” LOL.


From my left turn lane, I watched a car in the lane next to me, leave the red light and turn left AND then hit another car who had the right of way. Amazingly, I was the only witness to stay! Out of maybe 20 vehicles!