Love and Baseball

Terri and Cindy have season tickets but, at the moment, Terri is recovering from knee surgery. I was lucky to get her ticket to today’s performance of

at B Street Theater. The theater is small and every seat is great.

A two-person, one-act play. I really enjoyed the play.


The second session of Pedal Up Natomas began today. Ten new participants, volunteers Lennore and Kathy, and fellow LCI Deanna. We stayed in the Inderkum HS parking lot today.

So cool. Kathy expertly taught Siri how to ride a bike!

Your bike rides this week

Saturday October 22. Deb Banks/SABA, Brenda, Anne Geraghty/WaCo, Tracy at an e-bike event in W Sacramento:

Sunday October 23. Dani, Kathy, Earldine, Jonathan, Cindy, Elaine:


Jim, Brenda, Lennore:

Monday October 24. Brenda, Agueda, Maria, Tracy:

Tuesday October 25. Elaine, Jim, Paul, Agueda, Elaine:

Wednesday October 26. Paul and Brenda:

Thursday October 27. Jane and Cheryl:

Agueda, Paul, Brenda:

Friday October 28. Jean Marie and Ingrid:

Saturday October 29. Goal achieved! Congratulations especially to Jim, Agueda, Brenda, and Paul – they have been training for their latest goal – riding from Davis to Winters and back – about 27 miles. Leo organized the ride. Also on the ride but not pictured: Minerva, Becky, and Steven.

Last day in paradise

With no specific plan for the day, we decided to go back to a couple of our favorites on the north shore. Hanalei Gourmet was closed – a staff holiday until next Sunday – so we drove to Kilauea and had a very good fish sandwich at Kilauea Market and Cafe. Here are a few views of the area around the timeshare we’ve been in. On one side was a parking area with 2 food trucks – one Mexican, the other Asian fusion – both with good food and more convenient and cheaper than going to a restaurant. On the other side, the pool.

Thank you so much Ade for inviting me on this trip. I had a great time. I wonder what our next adventure will be … oh yeah, we’ve already booked it. Stay tuned.

Lu’au Kalamaku

In Lihue. Hundreds of people would end up at tables in a big tent – a very good thing since it rained a lot of the time.

Cast members waiting for the start of the show:

There was entertainment before the meal with the big show afterward:


This adventure was so much fun. We drove to the warehouse where

is located. We signed a lengthy waiver and were fitted with helmets and gloves. 14 of us plus our guide Sofia got into the back of an open-air truck and were transported to the starting point. Once we left the paved road, we continued over a bumpy dirt track. The first stop was a scenic overlook of Mount Waialeale, a shield volcano shrouded in clouds, the wettest spot on Earth at 450 inches/year.

The starting point is just ahead, through the stand of Chinese timber bamboo.

It started raining as we got started, warm rain and it didn’t last long.

At times, it was like bumper cars except you have no control of your vehicle. You would bump into a wall, bank, or another tuber and start spinning. Sometimes, the float was slow and easy. Other times, you were going faster through “rapids.” It was never scary though.

75% of the trip was through tunnels – time to turn on the headlamps.

The take-out spot:

We had a picnic lunch afterwards before heading back. Great adventure. Highly recommended.