Your bike rides this week

Saturday October 22. Deb Banks/SABA, Brenda, Anne Geraghty/WaCo, Tracy at an e-bike event in W Sacramento:

Sunday October 23. Dani, Kathy, Earldine, Jonathan, Cindy, Elaine:


Jim, Brenda, Lennore:

Monday October 24. Brenda, Agueda, Maria, Tracy:

Tuesday October 25. Elaine, Jim, Paul, Agueda, Elaine:

Wednesday October 26. Paul and Brenda:

Thursday October 27. Jane and Cheryl:

Agueda, Paul, Brenda:

Friday October 28. Jean Marie and Ingrid:

Saturday October 29. Goal achieved! Congratulations especially to Jim, Agueda, Brenda, and Paul – they have been training for their latest goal – riding from Davis to Winters and back – about 27 miles. Leo organized the ride. Also on the ride but not pictured: Minerva, Becky, and Steven.

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