High wire act in E Nicolaus

I heard a helicopter – loud and seeming to hover over Justin’s house and had to check it out.image

The copter flew from tower to tower bringing material to three guys working high above the ground.image


I guess somebody has to do this job, but it sure isn’t my cup of tea.image

A truck waits in a field to the west for the next phase.image

Wednesday with Phyl

This was a fun day. We started by making 12 jars of image

pomegranate jelly.

Phyl got started on her next sewing project.image

And, maybe best of all, it rained today. It hasn’t rained in over 40 days, everyone is talking about a “mega-dought” in California, and water restrictions are in everyone’s future. Dave set up a catchment system to harvest the rain that fell on the roof, not fit for human consumption, but the trees won’t mind.

And this is Dave giving me “the look” – stop taking pictures! Of him.

Shopping in Berkeley

Thais, Phyl and I drove to Berkeley this morning. This is the best closest-to-Sacramento fine fabric store, Stone Mountain and Daughter.image


We went to Swan’s Market in Oakland for lunch.image

I’m afraid I dragged Ty and Phyl to Rosamunde’s Sausage Grill to eat. I figured any restaurant with sausage in the title had to be good. Nope, the sausages were only average. Still on top for delicious sausage is Ty’s husband Lenin. He grills the best.image

And the market part of Swan’s Market was limited. A really nice meat counter here. A half-filled seafood market and that was it. image

A totally fun day nevertheless. There’s a lot of sewing ahead.

Preparing for Valentine’s Day

I asked the boys the other day, a series of questions.
What month is it now? -Janauary
What month comes next? -February
What special day comes in about the middle of February? (With a little from Mom) -Valentine’s Day!
Will you be my Valentine?

Kellen wasn’t too sure about answering the question, so he hesitantly said, “Yes.” Odin was certain of his answer, “No!” When I gave a Valentine’s treat to Kellen, Odin was horrified. “Wait! I changed my mind.” So I asked him again and he quickly said yes. A priceless moment.

Into the sewing cave

Last Thursday, after work was over and errands had been completed, I went into my sewing cave at Justin’s for the next four days and came out only once. I got a lot done. I turned this black and white fabric (from my favorite fabric stores in Lihue HI)image

into 12 piles of  2″ squares. There are about 700 here.


I also completed 42 of the 45 steps to almost finish this wool jacket.image


I came out of the cave on Sunday for a few hours and went to a historical society meeting and to watch the 49ers get beat by the Seahawks at Adrienne’s house. So sad, the 49ers lost. Time to put away the earrings until next season and eat a consolation brownie for breakfast on Monday morning. Ade made them – delish!image

Back to California

It’s Tuesday afternoon, so of course we’re back at Duke’s for Taco Tuesday.image

It’s a much different week, many tourists have gone home.image

The hair: this is what happens when I can’t bring my favorite hair product along because the container is too big to pass through the security checkpoint.image

I am going to miss “my” upstairs bedroom


but I will miss Pat even more.image

I will not, however, miss the owner of the boat Pat is standing next to.
This t-shirt was spotted at the airport. Another funny-to-me moment: my carry-on was pulled aside for further inspection. An “organic mass” had been detected – it was a candle, a gift from Pat.

More Kauai memories

This is the gully behind Pat’s house. From the other side, if you look through just the right gap in the fence, you can spy a secret garden and two people working quietly on their own plot.


Newly blooming spider orchids


and other beauties near Pat’s front door.image

One day’s catch:


Whale watching at Ahukini Point


with an eye out for the famous wild Kauai chickens and their flocks.


Yum! Lunch at Mark’s Place is a must.


Palms at sunrise:image

In between boat business

Every morning, except Wednesdays, Pat and I walked a brisk 2 miles. One of many amazing sunrises:

Boat-related business followed, some of it is quite unpleasant. Here are some highlights of the fun times. Gigantic poinsettias used as a landscape focal point:

We walked one day on the very long bicycling/walking trail in Kapaa.

We had lunch almost everyday at Costco. Truly a bargain on an island where food is expensive.

One day, we ran into some of my hula friends from a year ago or so. Hua telling Pat and I a story. At left Eleanor, Mochi, and Alma look at pictures from a friend visiting from upstate New York.