Early Friday afternoon, I drove to Capitola to visit Sheryl and Pat again. We went to happy hour at Johnny’s Harborside restaurant in the late afternoon.On Saturday morning, Sheryl and I went for a long walk. There are many unique things to look at in people’s yards.┬áCactus garden in meat grinders:

Note the starfish on the wall. Many homes in Capitola have  these starfish, all created by local artist Jerry Clarke:

By this point in our walk, I had decided I needed one of those starfish. The only way you can buy one is to knock on Jerry’s door, hoping he’ll be home.And he was home! So friendly and welcoming. “Come on in,” he said.

Sheryl and Jerry Clarke

I’m not sure where my starfish will go yet:

Project Ride Smart

The second and final week at Witter Ranch. ABCQuick Check:

Blacktop drills. I’m about to ride down the lane to demonstrate the next drill while Elle and Deanna describe what students are expected to do.

The community bike rides were Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I always take the Red group.

Early Friday morning fire drill. It was amazing how quiet everyone was.
Today was more of a fun day on bicycles. The “Triple Rings of Fire” -a figure 8 with an extra loop:The “Slow Race” -the slowest person without touching a foot to the ground was the winner:The boy in the middle could pretty much stand still:


If you’ve every had an ingrown toenail, you know how miserable it can be. After more than 4 years of suffering, today I solved my problem with a wonderful pedicure. Ahhhhhh … life is better now.PS: the background is green quartz flagstone – you will be seeing a lot of that in future posts.

Project Ride Smart

at Witter Ranch Elementary (just 2 miles from my house). We worked with three 5th grade classes – class sizes of 34-35 students each was a bit more challenging.Getting ready for blacktop drills by putting on helmets and doing personal safety check: