New Year’s Eve

In the afternoon, we all went to Chris and Macee’s for a taco lunch. Chris II is the son of Phyl’s younger son (Chris I). Chris II and Macee, Greg and Karen, Phyl and Dave, (in the foreground) Murphy and Chris III:

Welcome to ..

Montana where it’s considerably colder than what I’m used to. It’s the one time per year that I get to wear my warmest outer wear.

I will be at Dave and Phyl’s in Deer Lodge until after the new year.

Christmas Day

Justin and Jennifer, Thais and family came over for brunch on Christmas Day. I made Bear Claws:

Always a request from the grandkids is Justin’s home-grown sausage and bacon and Thais makes the best creamy scrambled eggs. Then there were more presents to open. A very good day all around.

Christmas Eve

at Leah and Jeff’s. Jeff make the best prime rib. The best.

I learned from Cameron, Lauren, and Sophia that this is the latest “look” for photos on TikTok:

Avery, Carson, Jeffery:

#1 on Carson’s list was a frog:

Christmas lunch

At Linda’s. She sets a beautiful table! At each setting was a small bag with an ornament for each person. Mine was a bicycle – perfect. Delicious potato sausage soup in a bread bowl.

I made a warm fruit bake.


Christmas parade

A few of us met at the lodge at 5:00. John, Sharon, Cindy:

Also there, Kathy and Elaine on bikes, and …

Dani, in the back of her pickup (Stacey driving) playing the guitar and singing. The truck was decorated and the speakers were turned up, Dani sang Christmas carols. We rode our bikes in front or behind the truck, people came out of their houses to listen and cheered us on. It was really heartwarming. Great job, Dani.

This might become a tradition.


After a haircut but before a bike ride, I had a few hours to spend with Sophia Avery and Carson (aka SAC on my calendar). Sophia and Avery were on their devices, Carson blew up a whoopee cushion, and Charlie stared me down. After a few minutes, Carson said, “Grandma, close your eyes, stand up … ok, now sit down.” Like I didn’t know what was going to happen – lol – that boy is entertaining!

Three rousing games of Chutes and Ladders: