Bike ride

I have not been on a bike since Nov 18, the date of my crash. I was nervous. I put it off all morning and finally forced myself to GO! in the early afternoon. After a few miles of wanting to turn around, I was able to stretch it to 15 miles. Getting back in the saddle after a crash is not easy.dsc04740

Career day

At St Ignatius, you dress up as your career choice. Avery was a paleontologist and I’m sure his specialty would be finding dinosaur fossils. Sophia was a pop star. She told me a couple of other students came as singers. Just singers actually. A pop star is different. You have to have style and attitude to be a pop star.fullsizerender-1

Church and open house

dsc04689After church, there was open house. But first a stop at the cousin Jeffery’s fundraising table – every 8th grader adopts a charity and raises money during the school year. Jeffery’s is the First Tee Program. dsc04691Avery’s TK classroom.dsc04693dsc04694dsc04695Sophia’s second grade classroom.dsc04698Sophia’s 8th grade buddy is Desi, who is also a neighbor.dsc04700

Sports Saturday

Morning games for Avery and Sophia.dsc04649The coaches were about to tell Avery and the person he’s guarding that the ball and all the action were at the other end of the court.dsc04655dsc04658Lunch time break at home.dsc04666dsc04668Afternoon basketball game for Sophia at St Ignatius. Her dad and Uncle Jeff are the coaches.dsc04676

Professional Bull Riding

L-R: Mary, Chris, Greg, Phyllis. Greg and Chris are Phyl’s oldest sons.dsc04622We parked in the RT employee parking lot – Chris and Mary work for RT. This was Phyl’s first time to use public transportation!dsc04624dsc04625We ate at Sauced – a fairly new and well-reviewed bbq restaurant very close to the Golden One Center (in background).dsc04627It was so LOUD inside – but that’s probably an old person’s complaint.dsc04628The food was excellent!dsc04633This arrived at the table next to us. And then they asked waiter to cut it in half.dsc04635dsc04631Look who came over to our table? Justin was also there with a group of friends.dsc04636dsc04638dsc04640dsc04642dsc04644The night’s winner, Jess Lockwood:dsc04646Just 19 years old!dsc04647A fun evening all around! Even without the fringe vest.

Cutting fringe

I started early in the day trying to finish this long vest to wear tonight. The faux suede wanted to curl at the edges so I had to pin every inch or so.dsc04614I cut fringe for 4 hours which didn’t include breaks to rest my cutting hand, put bandaids on my fingers before blisters formed, eat lunch, etc. And I still didn’t finish in time.dsc04616I like the way the ends curl up like a fiddlehead fern. dsc04618Oh well, the purple jacket will have to do for tonight’s outing.

Ade: week 3

Lots of water-over-roadway driving on the way to Ade’s. As long as I can see the center line, I drive through it. dsc04597Ade’s cousin Suzanne stayed with Ade from Thursday to this morning.dsc04599Ade has made great progress like going outside for walks. She will soon graduate to a cane.dsc04602