Office Hours

A huge thank-you to Jonathan, Barbara, Cheryl, and Leo (Better on Bikes 1) meeting up with Shila, Stacy, and Jodi (Better on Bikes 2) at Inderkum HS to go on a group ride and practice skills.

Vaccinated friends

A few good friends came over for lunch today. We are all 2+ weeks after second shot. Safe! This was the first social gathering for most of us in many months so it was quite special.

Adrienne, Linda, Kathy, and Lucy (Sandi was also there; Phyllis in MT was there in spirit):

Office Hours

The last one for this round of Better on Bikes. And look at the excellent turnout. There were 4 from BoB1, 5 from BoB2, and 1 person who I hope takes BoB3 because she’s already come to two Office Hours.

Hummingbird nest

I went to look at the bent-over tree in my narrow side yard, where I never go.

At shoulder height on a bent branch, a 2-inch diameter nest and two tiny birds.

Thais’ cell phone took the best picture.

Tour of W Sacramento

The people from Washington Commons Co-housing asked SABA if I could lead a group on a short bicycle tour. We visited two community gardens, discovered grocery stores, pharmacies, the library, found the W Sacramento Community Center and W Sacramento Recreation Center, and rode the paved section of the Clarksburg Branch Trail.

Washington Commons hasn’t actually broken ground yet, so people came from many distant locations – Cloverdale, Walnut Creek, Oakland, Modesto, New Hampshire (!) – to learn more about the community they will eventually live in.

Cheryl and Barbara from Arlete’s BIG came along and served as sweeps. A very big group but all went well.