University Town Loop

We have found the best west-to-east route across downtown Sacramento. R Street bike/ped ramp over I-5, then jog one block over to Q Street, a one-way street with a protected bike lane.

About to ride across the Guy West Bridge at Sac State. Dani, Leo, Barbara, Cheryl:

We followed the American River Bike Trail back to Discovery Park and home. 29 miles.

Office Hours

A very well-attended Better on Bikes Office Hours. Leo, Kathy, Barbara, Cheryl, Dani, Monica, Terry, Ginger, JoAnne, Stacy, Jodi:

We went to a 7-mile ride to San Juan Rd and Airport Rd. For everyone who lives in N Natomas on the east side of I-5, this intersection is the “gateway” to Discovery Park, Old Sac, downtown, Fisherman’s Lake Parkway, the airport ride, etc. Coming back, riding north on E Commerce, about to cross Del Paso Rd, twelve cyclists in perfect formation take the lane:

Looking good, I must say. Six of us rode over for Office Hours from Westshore, so our total was 20 miles.


Today I needed to test a route called Tour of W Sacramento. Pre-rides mean you might get lost, have to re-route, maybe meet someone, or re-ride certain sections. Today we started at WaCo,

found 3 Sisters Garden,

met Alfred, the manager of 4 community gardens in W Sacramento,

and rode the paved section of the Clarksburg Branch Trail. A 10-mile route but we rode 26 miles miles altogether.

Thank you Leo, Barbara, and Cheryl for your patience and sense of adventure: