International Women’s Day

A three-day bicycling celebration. SABA uploaded the following pictures to social media and to the IWD website on behalf of our riding group.

Saturday: me, Cindy, and Cheryl on E Levee Rd. Hansen Ranch Park in background. Jonathan took the picture.

Sunday: Office Hours for Better on Bikes. Leo and JoAnne:

Maria and Cherry:


Monday: a great 29-mile ride through downtown to Sac State, then the American River Parkway back to Discovery Park and home. Photo by Leo. Cheryl, Kathy, me, Carmen, Jane, Barbara:

Needless to say, we ROCK!

Ridin’ in Rancho 1

Another teaching opportunity, this time from SABA. Five online Zoom classes on Thursday evenings using material from Better on Bikes but adapted to a larger (than N Natomas) audience. The goal is to reach people who live in Rancho Cordova because the financial support comes from Community Enhancement Grant.

Second Covid-19 shot

Adrienne and I both got our second shots today at Natomas High School about 2 hours apart. After Ade’s appointment, we met at Baskin Robbins for celebration ice cream. And I got to meet Ade’s new roommate, Chloe, a mini Golden Doodle.

BoB 1 + BoB 2

This was our first combined bike ride with the participants from Better on Bikes sessions 1 and 2. Some of us rode over to Wild Rose Park and met a few people from BoB 2 who live on the east side of I-5. Then we rode a 10-mile loop. It was great to see everyone getting to know each other, lots of riding tips were shared. Cheryl, Jane, Jonathan, Leo, Terry, Maria, Cathy, Dani, Kathy:

Bike rides

Thursday Feb 25: Barbara, Jane, Leo, Kathy, and Cheryl rode along the Sacramento River Trail to Scott’s Seafood. 24 miles.

Friday Feb 26: Tour d’Arlete (which now has 1/3 fewer Arlete’s btw – one lamppost is being repaired and recent high winds took another). 16 miles. Leo, Kathy, Cheryl, Cindy:

Sunday Feb 28: While some of us were at Office Hours, Barbara lead a ride to Scott’s Seafood. 24 miles. Barbara, Cheryl, Mary, and Jane:

Monday Mar 1: We rode south to get on the Garden Highway and headed north to the airport (not around it) on N Bayou Rd and home. 20 miles. All of us like riding the Garden Highway, very few cars, no stopping, and beautiful scenery. Cindy, Cheryl, Leo Carmen, Jonathan: