Bike rides

Thursday Feb 25: Barbara, Jane, Leo, Kathy, and Cheryl rode along the Sacramento River Trail to Scott’s Seafood. 24 miles.

Friday Feb 26: Tour d’Arlete (which now has 1/3 fewer Arlete’s btw – one lamppost is being repaired and recent high winds took another). 16 miles. Leo, Kathy, Cheryl, Cindy:

Sunday Feb 28: While some of us were at Office Hours, Barbara lead a ride to Scott’s Seafood. 24 miles. Barbara, Cheryl, Mary, and Jane:

Monday Mar 1: We rode south to get on the Garden Highway and headed north to the airport (not around it) on N Bayou Rd and home. 20 miles. All of us like riding the Garden Highway, very few cars, no stopping, and beautiful scenery. Cindy, Cheryl, Leo Carmen, Jonathan:

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