Office Hours

Cindy and I planned to ride over to Inderkum High School for Office Hours and meet other Better on Bikes II participants. There are more people from the east side of I-5 so this time, the parking lot at Inderkum HS was a better choice. However, I got a flat tire about a mile from home. We came up with a quick plan: Cindy would ride back and get my vehicle with bike rack. As she rode away, here came Kathy who has changed a few flat tires in her lifetime. She used to be a bike racer. She was fast. In fact, her goal was to have it fixed and the bike put back together before Cindy got back. As it turned out, the tire never would hold air. Time for a new tube. Only later, was the nail in the tire discovered – should have checked for that.

We got to Office Hours on time and had a great session with Cindy, Kathy, Theresa, Ginger, and Terry. And Cindy loaned me her ebike for the short ride we did.

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