Office Hours

Although it was quite warm this afternoon, four members of the current Better on Bikes class came to Office Hours. Brenda, Lennore, Terri, Tracy-with her new bike just purchased this morning at Bike Swap.”

Office Hours

Another great turn out from Better on Bikes participants. Brenda, Tracy, Paul, Terri, Arun, Agueda, Lenore, Alejandro, Elaine:

Heidi came just after the above picture was taken and Alejandro didn’t ride.

Office Hours

There was a really good turnout for Office Hours for Better on Bikes. We spent an hour at Inderkum High School working on various skills. Jim, Lenore, Paul, Tracy, Elaine, Alejandro, Agueda, Brenda, Diana:

LCI Spotlight

I was chosen for the League of American Bicyclists League Cycling Instructor spotlight for their March 21 e-newsletter. Thank you so much, Deb Banks, for nominating me! Working with SABA and Jibe for the past 8 years has been so personally rewarding and just plain fun. Great organizations and great people to work with.

If you’d like to read the article, copy and paste this link into your browser: