Saddle Up Saturday

The goal was to meet at Bad Bakers between 9:45-10:15. Cheryl, Leo, Barbara and I left from Four Seasons Westshore at 9:00.

Everyone who arrived by bicycle had 2 choices. I would buy them a donut or they could spend $10 and get a $15 gift card. This little event was pretty good, nice turnout. Below, Sue and Rich (BoB3), Barbara (BoB1), Sergio (BoB3), Rich and Mary, Cheryl (BoB1), Leo (BoB1):

Office Hours

A huge thank-you to Jonathan, Barbara, Cheryl, and Leo (Better on Bikes 1) meeting up with Shila, Stacy, and Jodi (Better on Bikes 2) at Inderkum HS to go on a group ride and practice skills.

Office Hours

The last one for this round of Better on Bikes. And look at the excellent turnout. There were 4 from BoB1, 5 from BoB2, and 1 person who I hope takes BoB3 because she’s already come to two Office Hours.