Office Hours

Although it was quite warm this afternoon, four members of the current Better on Bikes class came to Office Hours. Brenda, Lennore, Terri, Tracy-with her new bike just purchased this morning at Bike Swap.”

Bike Swap

This 3-day event began on Friday afternoon at the N Natomas Aquatic Center.

People could donate their bike(s) to a good cause or consign them for sale. If a bike was donated, professional mechanics made the bike rideable and safe. If that wasn’t possible, the Sacramento Bike Kitchen accepted the bike.

From 4-7:00 pm, about 100 bikes had been processed and stored in the ballroom.

Saturday morning from 10-2, more bikes were accepted. William and Mellissa were part of the Jibe team who organized this first-time event:

Over 200 bikes of all types ready for sale Sunday morning:

Sunday morning bike sale. The early crew arrived at 6 am to set up the parking lot and move the bikes from the ballroom of the to organized spaces in the parking lot.

A small crowd lined up for the 9 am opening, they got the best selection:

It was a rather warm day as the shopping continued. Around 11 am, the shoppers thinned out … time to SLASH prices.

Although the sale continued until 2 pm, I left early to get ready for Office Hours.

Project Ride Smart

Tuesday at H Al. Pierson, interning as an LCI, taught Tuesday’s in-class lesson.

Wednesday. Transitioning to outside blacktop drills:


Friday. I’m about to demonstrate the blacktop drills for the day while Deanna explains the skills each student will practice.

Freedom from Training Wheels

An early morning training by Dan Allison. A special thank you to Cathy and Terri from Arlete’s BIG who came to the training and volunteered for the event that followed.

About 10 kids, from 2-6 years old, came to try out Jibe’s strider and pedal bikes. Two brothers practiced for almost two hours and learned how to ride without training wheels. A helmet sale and Bike Doc was also there:

My week in bicycles

Monday May 2. Project Ride Smart at Regency Park. The second street ride for the Blue Group:

Later in the afternoon, I met Honey at a local park for her third (and final) 30-minute bike riding lesson. I am happy to report, she is now a bike rider.

Tuesday May 3. PRS @ RPE street ride #3. Becky Garrow rode with the Blue group today practicing her LCI teaching skills.

Later in the afternoon, Westlake Charter School bike club. 17 students and Mr Mallove on a 4.5-mile bike ride.

Wednesday May 4. I rode in the morning with Amal, Jeorgianna and Rupert. In the afternoon, I rode a route to Track 7 and picked up 3 Better on Bikes 4 participants along the way. Michelle from Jibe, Brenda, Arun, Agueda:

This Meet and Greet was very-well attended.

Thursday May 5. The last day of Project Ride Smart, a day of fun activities. Hula hoop toss:

Later in the afternoon, Westlake Charter Bike Club. 20 students + Mr Mallove + parent volunteer Peter = 4.5 miles of fun.

In the evening, Better on Bikes meeting #3 on Zoom. Another busy week!

Office Hours

Another great turn out from Better on Bikes participants. Brenda, Tracy, Paul, Terri, Arun, Agueda, Lenore, Alejandro, Elaine:

Heidi came just after the above picture was taken and Alejandro didn’t ride.

My week with bicycles

Monday. Project Ride Smart at Regency Park Elementary.

In the evening, Jibe sponsored a Freedom from Training Wheels event.

My Project Ride Smart teaching partners, Deanna and Christy:

Lined up for the 5-mile family ride:

Tuesday. Project Ride Smart at Regency Park Elementary. The Blue group completing ABCQuick Check:

Thursday. Practicing the multi-step left turn. Stop signal:

Ending in the left lane position:

Long day. When Project Ride Smart ended at 2:00, I left to get ready for Westlake Bike Club at 3:30,

followed by Better on Bikes Zoom meeting at 6:00.

Friday. Project Ride Smart, first day of street rides. The blue group:

State of Natomas

at the recently-opened N Natomas Aquatic Center.

I was invited by Jibe along with many other employees/friends/board members. Here a group of Parent Champions chat with William before lunch was served:

All through lunch, there were interesting speakers. A video message from Congresswoman Doris Matsue, Assemblymember Kevin McCarty, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg

and Sacramento Chief of Police Kathy Lester.

Such a fun event. Informative! Thank you, Jibe!