Time to celebrate all the bicycling achievements of the past year. The patio was ready to go, back gate open, bicycle parking in the garage.

Four of our group, all residents at Four Seasons Westshore, had advertising banners put up around N Natomas for a Jibe project called Wisdom Travels. At the end of a year, all the participants were given copies of their banners. If you would like to read their stories go to L-R: Cathy, Ray & Donna, Amal, Laura:

It was COLD outside so we all stayed indoors.

Jim, Paul, Mellissa Meng:

Behind me, Jim, Rijindar, Rima, Brenda, Paul, Ila:

Arlete’s BIG – Year 2

On November 15, year 2 of Arlete’s Bicycle Interest Group ended. The group has grown in the past year from 73 to 112 members and the total miles ridden increased by about 2000 miles. Almost 2/3 have taken a bicycle education class from Jibe – either Better on Bikes or Pedal Up Natomas.

The top 15 riders accumulated 88% of the total miles:

Another quite successful year.

Wisdom Travels

Today was the concluding celebration at Jibe for a recent placemaking project. For the past year, local residents were featured on pole banners throughout North Natomas. Participants were invited to pick up their banners and meet the artist who told their stories, Janine Mapurunga. I knew several of the residents chosen to participate: Ray, Amal, Cathy, and Laura. Their stories were also on display at the local library.

Cathy, Janine, Mellissa:

Becky and Dennis:

Mellissa, Janine, Amal:

Seated are Donna and Ray. Ray fixes LOTS of bikes out of the goodness of his heart.

For more information, go to, select Placemaking, then Wisdom Travels.


The second session of Pedal Up Natomas began today. Ten new participants, volunteers Lennore and Kathy, and fellow LCI Deanna. We stayed in the Inderkum HS parking lot today.

So cool. Kathy expertly taught Siri how to ride a bike!

Breathe Bike Trek

Originally scheduled for mid-September but postponed because of the Mosquito Fire, the annual Breathe Bike Trek happened this morning. Quite a few people couldn’t make it today which left a last-minute opportunity for Leo to ride. The Good Jibes team: Mellissa, Leo and I rode the 34-mile medium route together which was good because it was easy to miss a turn and then Mellissa got a flat tire about 2 miles from the end. I rode back to the start and drove back to pick her up.

At lunch after the ride. Sue Schooley, me, Sue Teranishi, Mellissa Meng.

Big applause to Mellissa who rode a regular bike and climbed 1500+ feet today in the foothills around Loomis, Newcastle and Penryn. Leo and I rode e-bikes .. climbing was not a problem.