Art Trail

As part of a Brighter Day Better Way campaign, Jibe installed 34 pieces of art by 16 artists, most of them local to N Natomas, along Jackrabbit Trail. A mural along the walls of California Family Fitness will be permanent.

The murals are printed on vinyl and will be taken down on July 31.

Heritage Park Safety Fair

I represented Jibe at this event. Heritage Park is a 55+ gated community with 965 homes (twice as big as my 55+ community).

It took place in the ballroom. About 30 vendors were there.

The crowd is about to arrive.

Surprise: Leslie Weisgerber was there helping her daughter-in-law Alexandra who works for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Jibe Ride-Along

This morning, beginning at 6am, I rode the Midwest route for Jibe Express three times to downtown and back. This is my favorite route because it picks up quite a few people in front of Four Seasons Westshore.
I handed out muffins, reminded riders of Jibe services, and took suggestions, comments, compliments, etc. By far, most of the compliments went to Juan the driver. He knows everyone’s name and maybe a little something that’s going on in their lives.

The yellow blouse is the latest Jibe work shirt. Here’s the back:

Ride-along for Jibe

Wednesday and Thursday morning at o’dark 30, I met a Jibe Express bus at the starting point of their route. I did three routes each morning, a different route/driver each day. I offered a fresh muffin from Bella Bru Cafe to each passenger that boarded. Once the bus got on the freeway headed to downtown Sacramento, I reminded them of upcoming changes, holiday hours, the free emergency ride home service, and how they could track the buses in real time using a new app, and took feedback if there was any. After dropping off the last passenger, we headed back to the start of the route again.
By 9 am each day I was done. What a fun job!

Work at Jibe

This afternoon, I worked at Jibe for a couple of hours while everyone was out of the office. There was absolutely nothing to do until 2 minutes before closing time. And then I struggled through my one and only sale to add money onto his wife’s Jibe Express card.

Hampton Gardens Community Potluck

A nearby North Natomas neighborhood – Hampton Gardens – had a community potluck at

and I was the representative for Jibe.

It was a fun event and very well organized. The guys from Dos Coyotes were giving out delicious Frito Pie and chips and salsa.
Bike Doc was there:
Everyone enjoyed the zumba class:

Project Ride Smart

Deanna and Christy are teaching this session at Natomas Park Elementary.

38 kids signed up for today’s after-school coaching session and I was asked to help out. Only 10 showed up which was a good thing. They were all quite successful by the end of the one-hour session.


Today, I worked at Jibe for a few hours. (Hurray, an opportunity to get out of the house and do something productive). Three LCIs worked on their final certification to teach Project Ride Smart by presenting classroom lessons and receiving feedback from Mellissa and me. Here Veronica, Dana, Lorge, and Mellissa get ready for the street rides; I drove and followed them, getting out at the various teaching stops:

Project Ride Smart – the LAST day

Sue Schooley and Lorge Quant presented the day’s activities. Not a street ride but other fun things you can do on a bicycle.
My helpers for the Slow Race for one class: repeatedly they raced to shout “On your mark, get set, go slow!”
The person who crossed the finish line LAST without touching a foot to the ground was the winner.

Lorge did Rock Dodge (with mixed success):
Sue did the Bean Drop.