This adventure was so much fun. We drove to the warehouse where

is located. We signed a lengthy waiver and were fitted with helmets and gloves. 14 of us plus our guide Sofia got into the back of an open-air truck and were transported to the starting point. Once we left the paved road, we continued over a bumpy dirt track. The first stop was a scenic overlook of Mount Waialeale, a shield volcano shrouded in clouds, the wettest spot on Earth at 450 inches/year.

The starting point is just ahead, through the stand of Chinese timber bamboo.

It started raining as we got started, warm rain and it didn’t last long.

At times, it was like bumper cars except you have no control of your vehicle. You would bump into a wall, bank, or another tuber and start spinning. Sometimes, the float was slow and easy. Other times, you were going faster through “rapids.” It was never scary though.

75% of the trip was through tunnels – time to turn on the headlamps.

The take-out spot:

We had a picnic lunch afterwards before heading back. Great adventure. Highly recommended.

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