Project Ride Smart

Week 2 at Witter Ranch. At 7:00 am each day, 40 bikes were rolled out. Gina and Deanna were there to help along with fifth-grader Gymmat – thank you!Pollyanna prepped classes for the day’s activities.Students wore colored jerseys to identify their group. Before leaving the classroom, they complete a personal safety check.Outside students completed an ABCQuick Check on their bikes before riding.Sometimes a water break at the nearby park is a good idea.On Friday, we organized a few “fun” activities, beginning with a Chaos Box. The goal, after entering a small defined area, is to create order as quickly as possible. In less than 5 minutes every class was able to begin riding in a circle. Always counterclockwise, by the way. Mr McClurg’s class was the fastest at 51 seconds. Just before the start, Neilani began coaching those around her about what to do. I asked her how she already knew the solution. “I figured it out in my head.”The last time I did the Bean Drop, I had to repeatedly sweep up small kidney beans to keep the game going. This time I swept up not a single bean! 1.Use large dry white lima beans. 2.Students must drop one bean at a time in each of 6 buckets and, if the bean doesn’t land in the bucket, the student must stop to pick it up and try again.And there was an improvement to Paper Boy. I wrapped the newspapers in clear packing tape.At the end of each one-hour class, Otter Pops! It was hot, I had one after every class.

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