Project Ride Smart at Regency Park

Such a fun week.
Christy, wearing an orange shirt in the center is also the Parent Champion at Regency Park. Every morning, students who walk to school check in with her to record the time they’ve spent walking or riding their bikes to school. They earn rewards for their efforts.

Friday was Street Ride #3 and it was a bit warm. The sprinklers in the park were on and we let the kids ride through them. Of course a few kids came back totally soaked. The bikes were parked, we all went back to the classroom, and returned the jerseys and helmets. One boy came up to me and said, “Can I have a hug?” Well, yes. However, I should have noticed that gleam in his eye – he was one of the totally soaked kids. Then it became a group hug. Oh yay – ?

Stonegate Elementary Bike Club

Now that all basic street-riding skills have been taught, it was time to practice those skills on the street. Which we did. Then we rode a cool trail with a (sort-of) round-about. All the boys loved riding around and around, relatively fast, laughing all the way.

Christopher, Connor, and Tyraun

Logan and Matthew


West Sacramento bike clubs

In addition to Project Ride Smart in the mornings, I also coach after-school bike clubs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The Thursday club at Westfield Village started just this week and we will only have 6 meetings.
On Tuesdays, I’m at Stonegate Elementary and have 6 members. On Wednesdays, I’m at Bridgeway Island Elementary and have 25 members! This requires a whole different teaching strategy and more LCIs to lead the street rides. And there are only 3 club members at Westfield Village. Sweet! My biggest problem appears to be an inability to take pictures and coach at the same time. Thus, the above picture is the only one I’ve taken over the course of 10 club meetings in 5 weeks.

Project Ride Smart

Project Ride Smart at Regency park began Tuesday. I’m working with two new LCIs who are also new to teaching Project Ride Smart – Christy Lewis and Sue Schooley.
The melon drop:
This melon didn’t wear a helmet:

Mr Young is so supportive. He came to after-school coaching on Friday and taught one student how to ride a bike while Christy and I worked with 4 other students. He also spent extra time reinforcing some of the concept we taught.

Ride leader training at Jibe

Veteran LCIs and about-to-become LCIs got together today for some ride leader training at the Jibe office. Mellissa Meng was the organizer.

We spent 2 hours on bikes in small groups on the streets around Natomas Park Elementary practicing good teaching techniques. Hopefully Project Ride Smart will soon have some new instructors.

Stonegate Bike Club

Back to last Wednesday. There was another bike club at Bridgeway Island Elementary in West Sacramento. Again, we didn’t know if anyone would show up. We got 6 kids at Stonegate. How many would show up here? Uhhh .. 25. And it was raining buckets! We met in a PE classroom and I winged it. Taking pictures? Maybe next time.

Today was Week 2 at Stonegate. This is a fun group. Smaller class size = get more done!

L-R: Andrew, Connor, Logan, Matthew, Christopher, Naia

50 Bikes for 50 Kids

8:30 am arrival.
The first room where everyone registered and got their t-shirt and students met their build team.
The second room was set up with 25 bike-building stations.
The first 25 students building their bikes:
Meanwhile I set up a skills course, the last step in the process.
In the afternoon, 25 more students arrived. There were two build teams from Four Seasons Westshore. My neighbors Matt & Colleen worked with a high school girl who preferred no photographs.
Ray and Lynn worked with an autistic high school boy:
The skills course had several volunteers throughout the day.

Four Seasons residents also donated $290 to 50 Bikes for 50 Kids which meant our name got onto the banner.

Project Ride Smart

This was the 11th day of Project Ride Smart at Westlake Charter School. As it turned out, it was my last day of work. Last week I was fighting a cold but managed to press on. By today, it was clear someone needed to take my place. Darn. WCS is a great school to work at – very modern, supportive staff, engaged and excited students.
Students being interviewed about their experience:
Lots of parent volunteers for the street rides:
Note the student at the far right:
I was so proud of this group. They are perfectly executing a left turn from a stop sign as individual drivers of their vehicles: