From the sewing cave

When I did the Ride Along on the Jibe Express at the beginning of August, I got a t-shirt that had a mis-sewn sleeve. It really bothered me to wear it, but the shirt was soooo big and not a single person noticed anyway. Rather than throw it away, I upcycled it using Vogue 1570.I should NEVER have started making French knots, but once begun I had to finish. I estimated I made 1120 of them.

Jibe is born!

North Natomas Transportation Management Association has rebranded itself and become Jibe. Today was the official roll-out with new buses, literature, new website, etc. Every employee and a few other North Natomas residents, including me, did a morning Ride Along to greet passengers, give away free string backpacks, and answer questions. 5:50 am, I arrived at my designated street corner
and met Taneesha the driver of Bus 1806 on the Eastside Route.
This is a one-direction only commuter service that runs 6-10 am. Then starts again from downtown at 3 pm. Because it was a Spare the Air Day, all rides were free.
After the last stop, when the bus got onto the freeway, I stood up and gave my little speech and answered questions.
The last passenger for the morning:
This was fun! The hardest part was walking around on the moving bus to hand out the string backpacks. (Please do not let me fall down.)

Bike Doc at Heritage Westshore

North Natomas Transportation Management Association (NNTMA) brought Bike Doc to Heritage Westshore.Four mechanics made small repairs or adjustments to 26 bicycles in our community.Abbey Stumpf shared information about the services and programs provided by NNTMA.We also collected some basic bicycling data from residents.OMG, I misspelled the word “cautious.”

Project Ride Smart

This was the third and final week of Project Ride Smart at Regency Park Elementary. Street rides on Monday and Tuesday.Doug leading the green group:Deanna leading the yellow group:On Thursday we set up four “fun” stations that groups of students rotated through. Calf roping – throwing a hula hoop over a chair while riding a bike. Triple Rings of Fire – a figure 8 with an extra loop. Newspaper Boy – throwing newspapers at a target. And the very popular Slow Race – the last person to cross the finish line without touching a foot to the ground is the winner.At the end of each class, the winner of each rotation competed to become class champion.

Project Ride Smart

Monday and Tuesday: blacktop drills.Lined up waiting for me to demonstrate the 10-step left land turn:Friday was the first street ride. Students completed the ABCQuick Check before leaving campus.40 bikes secured for the weekend with an extremely long thick cable lock. Three days to go.

Project Ride Smart

At Regency Park Elementary. My teaching partner, Deanna Yee:The melon drop which shows the importance of wearing a helmet. Note the four boys in the back row who won’t sit on the grass because it might make their pants dirty.We worked four days with Wednesday off – so nice to have a rest day in the middle of the week.

Ribbon cutting

A new bicycle-pedestrian light has been added at Del Paso Road and Jack Rabbit Trail. The grand opening was this morning. Funding came from the City of Sacramento and North Natomas Transportation Management Association. City Councilperson Angelique Ashby:

Project Ride Smart

The second and final week at Witter Ranch. ABCQuick Check:

Blacktop drills. I’m about to ride down the lane to demonstrate the next drill while Elle and Deanna describe what students are expected to do.

The community bike rides were Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I always take the Red group.

Early Friday morning fire drill. It was amazing how quiet everyone was.
Today was more of a fun day on bicycles. The “Triple Rings of Fire” -a figure 8 with an extra loop:The “Slow Race” -the slowest person without touching a foot to the ground was the winner:The boy in the middle could pretty much stand still:

Project Ride Smart

at Witter Ranch Elementary (just 2 miles from my house). We worked with three 5th grade classes – class sizes of 34-35 students each was a bit more challenging.Getting ready for blacktop drills by putting on helmets and doing personal safety check: