Jibe is born!

North Natomas Transportation Management Association has rebranded itself and become Jibe. Today was the official roll-out with new buses, literature, new website, etc. Every employee and a few other North Natomas residents, including me, did a morning Ride Along to greet passengers, give away free string backpacks, and answer questions. 5:50 am, I arrived at my designated street corner
and met Taneesha the driver of Bus 1806 on the Eastside Route.
This is a one-direction only commuter service that runs 6-10 am. Then starts again from downtown at 3 pm. Because it was a Spare the Air Day, all rides were free.
After the last stop, when the bus got onto the freeway, I stood up and gave my little speech and answered questions.
The last passenger for the morning:
This was fun! The hardest part was walking around on the moving bus to hand out the string backpacks. (Please do not let me fall down.)

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