Coaching at NPE

A lot of kids at Natomas Park Elementary signed up for the second after-school coaching session for Project Ride Smart. Deanna and Pierson asked for another LCI – me – to help out on Thursday afternoon. About 20 kids – I think 15 were riding independently at the end of an hour. Success!

Project Ride Smart

at H Allen Hight, week 2. Monday. The fleet of 40 bicycles is stored in a shipping container – out every morning and jigsaw-puzzled back five hours later.

Tuesday. First day of street rides. I had the green group. In the back, Pierson and Becky who are training to teach Project Ride Smart.

Wednesday. Day 2 street ride. Charlie leading the green group:

Thursday. Last day of instruction and day 3 street ride. Mellissa leading a right turn at an uncontrolled intersection.

Project Ride Smart

Tuesday at H Al. Pierson, interning as an LCI, taught Tuesday’s in-class lesson.

Wednesday. Transitioning to outside blacktop drills:


Friday. I’m about to demonstrate the blacktop drills for the day while Deanna explains the skills each student will practice.

My week in bicycles

Monday May 2. Project Ride Smart at Regency Park. The second street ride for the Blue Group:

Later in the afternoon, I met Honey at a local park for her third (and final) 30-minute bike riding lesson. I am happy to report, she is now a bike rider.

Tuesday May 3. PRS @ RPE street ride #3. Becky Garrow rode with the Blue group today practicing her LCI teaching skills.

Later in the afternoon, Westlake Charter School bike club. 17 students and Mr Mallove on a 4.5-mile bike ride.

Wednesday May 4. I rode in the morning with Amal, Jeorgianna and Rupert. In the afternoon, I rode a route to Track 7 and picked up 3 Better on Bikes 4 participants along the way. Michelle from Jibe, Brenda, Arun, Agueda:

This Meet and Greet was very-well attended.

Thursday May 5. The last day of Project Ride Smart, a day of fun activities. Hula hoop toss:

Later in the afternoon, Westlake Charter Bike Club. 20 students + Mr Mallove + parent volunteer Peter = 4.5 miles of fun.

In the evening, Better on Bikes meeting #3 on Zoom. Another busy week!

My week with bicycles

Monday. Project Ride Smart at Regency Park Elementary.

In the evening, Jibe sponsored a Freedom from Training Wheels event.

My Project Ride Smart teaching partners, Deanna and Christy:

Lined up for the 5-mile family ride:

Tuesday. Project Ride Smart at Regency Park Elementary. The Blue group completing ABCQuick Check:

Thursday. Practicing the multi-step left turn. Stop signal:

Ending in the left lane position:

Long day. When Project Ride Smart ended at 2:00, I left to get ready for Westlake Bike Club at 3:30,

followed by Better on Bikes Zoom meeting at 6:00.

Friday. Project Ride Smart, first day of street rides. The blue group:

Back to work

On Thursday, the first Zoom class for Better on Bikes 4!

On Friday, I worked with Deanna and Christy at Regency Park Elementary teaching four 5th-grade classes Project Ride Smart – the first day of blacktop drills.

Project Ride Smart

The team on Monday: Deanna, Anna, Christy, Charlie, Gina.

A short video before the street ride. We worked with three 5th grade classes each day, Monday and Tuesday. Four classes on Wednesday.

Every blue group rider did a great job. If a coaching tip was shared, they listened.

By the third riding day, we were able to not only complete the designated route and go find some fun. Like riding around the outside edge of the skate park.

Following the red group back to campus on the Redbud Trail:

On Wednesday, I was in charge of the Slow Race – ride the length of a basketball court, the slowest person is the winner.

Project Ride Smart

At Westlake Charter School. I came to help with the street rides on Thursday and Friday mornings. Lucky me, I was assigned the “Blue group.” Based on their bike handling skills from the blacktop drill days, these kids are very competent. And they were competent! Too much fun!

Project Ride Smart

The last day with the final two 5th grade classes.

Two groups of great kids. One of the fun attributes of Project Ride Smart at Natomas Park Elementary is a parallel dirt trail with a narrow path, bumps, wet areas, a hill with a little mud. Students have the option to ride it, most choose to do it laughing and/or screaming all the way.

Charlie Heieck took this picture of the NPE team – Mellissa, Gina, me, Deanna, Sue:

This was too much fun not to do it again … as needed. I also like not working 🙂

Project Ride Smart

At Natomas Park Elementary. I got to ride with the Blue group – what a lucky draw! These kids KNOW how to ride. They give hand signals, can complete a proper left turn and navigate a 4-way stop following the right-of-way rules. I worked with these two classes on Monday and today.

At the end of the day. All the bikes are tightly packed along one wall. Gina and Deanna are debriefing on the final day of Project Ride Smart.

We had many volunteers so all skill levels were well-covered.

Fun day! Great kids.