Project Ride Smart

Deanna and Christy are teaching this session at Natomas Park Elementary.

38 kids signed up for today’s after-school coaching session and I was asked to help out. Only 10 showed up which was a good thing. They were all quite successful by the end of the one-hour session.


Today, I worked at Jibe for a few hours. (Hurray, an opportunity to get out of the house and do something productive). Three LCIs worked on their final certification to teach Project Ride Smart by presenting classroom lessons and receiving feedback from Mellissa and me. Here Veronica, Dana, Lorge, and Mellissa get ready for the street rides; I drove and followed them, getting out at the various teaching stops:

Project Ride Smart – the LAST day

Sue Schooley and Lorge Quant presented the day’s activities. Not a street ride but other fun things you can do on a bicycle.
My helpers for the Slow Race for one class: repeatedly they raced to shout “On your mark, get set, go slow!”
The person who crossed the finish line LAST without touching a foot to the ground was the winner.

Lorge did Rock Dodge (with mixed success):
Sue did the Bean Drop.

Project Ride Smart

at H Allen Hight. Week 2. Monday and Tuesday were blacktop drills. Wednesday was the first day of street rides.
And then it began raining. Periodic showers but all 4 classes had some rain to deal with. My group found a skate park at Wild Rose Park that also made a fun bike path.
Ride leaders: Christy, Yolanda, Doug, Deanna, Dana, and Veronica.

Friday. Sunshine!

Project Ride Smart

Monday @ Regency Park. The last day is fun games on bikes. I did the Slow Race.
Tuesday @ H Allen Hight. The first day! LCI trainees Lorge and Marsha doing the Melon Drop lesson, Mellissa Meng is on the landing above:
At the end of the day, the nametags for helmet-fitting the next day had to be prepared:
Wednesday. Dana and Marsha:
Thursday. ABCQuick Check by Dana
and Marsha.
Friday. More of the same plus one hour of after-school coaching. Based on our observations at Thursday’s blacktop drills, we invited 25 (!) students to coaching. That’s about 25% of the 5th grade student population!

Project Ride Smart at Regency Park

Such a fun week.
Christy, wearing an orange shirt in the center is also the Parent Champion at Regency Park. Every morning, students who walk to school check in with her to record the time they’ve spent walking or riding their bikes to school. They earn rewards for their efforts.

Friday was Street Ride #3 and it was a bit warm. The sprinklers in the park were on and we let the kids ride through them. Of course a few kids came back totally soaked. The bikes were parked, we all went back to the classroom, and returned the jerseys and helmets. One boy came up to me and said, “Can I have a hug?” Well, yes. However, I should have noticed that gleam in his eye – he was one of the totally soaked kids. Then it became a group hug. Oh yay – ?

Project Ride Smart

Project Ride Smart at Regency park began Tuesday. I’m working with two new LCIs who are also new to teaching Project Ride Smart – Christy Lewis and Sue Schooley.
The melon drop:
This melon didn’t wear a helmet:

Mr Young is so supportive. He came to after-school coaching on Friday and taught one student how to ride a bike while Christy and I worked with 4 other students. He also spent extra time reinforcing some of the concept we taught.

Ride leader training at Jibe

Veteran LCIs and about-to-become LCIs got together today for some ride leader training at the Jibe office. Mellissa Meng was the organizer.

We spent 2 hours on bikes in small groups on the streets around Natomas Park Elementary practicing good teaching techniques. Hopefully Project Ride Smart will soon have some new instructors.