Your bike rides this week

Sunday January 2. A good way to begin 2022. Leo took this picture of Barbara and Cheryl:

Wednesday January 5. Cheryl, Barbara and I did a pre-ride for tomorrow night’s Bike Party:

Thursday January 6. Bike Party, an 8-mile slow roll through the neighborhood:

Saturday January 7. Leo was the ride leader, with me, Cheryl and Jane following, when we were passed by a very large and very fast group of cyclists. For a while, we rode with the “big boys.”

Perhaps a new favorite destination ride: hot dogs at Costco.

Monday January 10. Jonathan took this picture of Dani, Kathy, Jane, Cindy, and me on the new Metro Air Parkway crossing I-5:

Tuesday January 11. Cheryl, Leo, Kathy, Dani and I rode to Teal Bend and back:

Thursday January 13. Cheryl took this picture of Dani, Leo, and Kathy:

Friday January 14. Cheryl took this picture of Jane, Kathy, and Dani

Saturday January 15. Mayte, Cheryl and I rode to W Sacramento and back:

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