Jibe ridealong

I was up quite early this morning to meet the Jibe Express driver at 6 am. I love doing this for Jibe. The goal today was to give riders a delicious muffin from a local restaurant, ask for feedback re expanding service and future projects for Jibe and Regional Transit, and to remind everyone about the coming holiday hours. I made two trips to downtown Sacramento on two different routes.
It’s hard to see out the window on these buses. Seriously reduced view out the front windows and tinted windows on the sides.

Progress over the weekend

Thais laid out the plants.
Justin planted on Saturday.
On Sunday, Thais came over with the kids to finish up.
Meanwhile …
At Grandma’s house, Old Macdonald has an RV. All the animals live inside.
Almost done and it looks great already. Thank you soooo much Justin and Thais.