Birthday party day 5

Phyllis and Carol left early Monday morning.
Adrienne a little while later.
Billie and I would have the next 24 hours to ourselves. No cooking! Lots of sitting around, resting. And a little cleaning. Billie was great in the kitchen
and vacuuming the floors. Thank you!
I did SIX loads of laundry! I enjoyed it actually.
What a wonderful birthday. A great way to celebrate my 70th.Tuesday morning we drove home. And then we did NOTHING.

Birthday party day 4

Thais and Lenin left early this morning. Justin came over to visit before he left. Going on at the same time was a focaccia-making class. Phyl has made this recipe several times already which helped. The biga was started last night.

Each batch made two small round loaves.

The rising dough was so happy in front of the fireplace.
Each person added or subtracted ingredients to individualize their loaf. Something to take with them tomorrow when they leave.
Dinner: Potstickers and Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps.

Birthday party day 3

A 22-mile stand up paddleboard across Lake Tahoe was supposed to happen today, but the weather created such choppy waters that the Tahoe Fall Classic was canceled.
Later, Billie made lunch. The prosciutto-wrapped asparagus were so good.
This afternoon was the bigger party … lots of food.
Thank you, Justin and Lenin, for doing all the grilling. And thanks to good friends of all ages, I’m so glad you’re here!

Billie, Adrienne, Linda, me, Sophia, Maria, Phyl, Carol, Thais, Kathy

Carson helped me blow out the candles!
I think this artwork by Sophia will go home with her!
This is Avery filming a squirrel he’d lured onto the patio with a trail of potato chips.
Another fun day!

Birthday party day 2

Mrs. Helt is in the room!
Carol taught her very first painting class today – and did a TERRIFIC job! She tried several different ideas and got input from her sister Phyl. Once she settled on the project, she painted many different samples and thought about how to teach it the best. Then she bought and transported all the supplies for all of us from Bakersfield.

This project was so much fun! Thank you so much Carol!
Billie got lunch ready.

Phyllis said she had to have a glass of wine right after the painting class ended because it was so stressful. LOL!

Bruschetta and Broccoli Cheese Soup with a dab of Creme Fraiche:
Justin, Thais, Lenin and family drove up in the afternoon and came over for dinner. “Uncle Justin, break this stick.”And these sticks:Lasagna and focaccia for dinner tonight.
Tired boys:
One more:

Birthday party day 1

The morning started with pedicures:
Lunch at Fifty Fifty Brewing:
I started working on food for this party in August. And Billie and I rounded out the menu and finished the prep from the day she arrived to the day we left – her help was invaluable. Therefore, you will see many food pictures for the next few days. Dinner tonight: herb-crusted salmon, red potatoes and broccoli.

To Old Greenwood

The bikes still need to be loaded, but soon, we’re off to Old Greenwood via Yuba City.
To add a little anxiety to my day, I had to stop at the DMV in Yuba City to take the written test to renew my driver’s license. It was impossible to get an appointment at any Sacramento office before 9/18 when I went online SIX weeks ago. Yuba City on the 12th was pretty much my only option. I missed the first question and scared myself, but got the rest of the 17 questions correct. Whew!
From Yuba City to Truckee, we drove mostly along Highway 20.
Our house at Old Greenwood for the next week. Let the party begin.

Taking a break

Billie and I have been doing food prep for my upcoming birthday party every spare minute we have available. Today, we took a break and went to the movies and lunch. We both loved the movie:
The garden setting at Tower Cafe is perfect:Excellent food. Thai Priking Tacos:
Billie said the Chile Relleno was the best she’s ever had:
The Bloody Marys weren’t too bad either!

Bike ride

I wanted to show Billie some of Wide Open Walls and other public art downtown. This is Coloring Book by Jeff Koons, an $8 million piece in front of the Golden 1 Center.

We rode from my house for a total of 23 miles.