Birthday party day 2

Mrs. Helt is in the room!
Carol taught her very first painting class today – and did a TERRIFIC job! She tried several different ideas and got input from her sister Phyl. Once she settled on the project, she painted many different samples and thought about how to teach it the best. Then she bought and transported all the supplies for all of us from Bakersfield.

This project was so much fun! Thank you so much Carol!
Billie got lunch ready.

Phyllis said she had to have a glass of wine right after the painting class ended because it was so stressful. LOL!

Bruschetta and Broccoli Cheese Soup with a dab of Creme Fraiche:
Justin, Thais, Lenin and family drove up in the afternoon and came over for dinner. “Uncle Justin, break this stick.”And these sticks:Lasagna and focaccia for dinner tonight.
Tired boys:
One more:

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