Christmas program at St Ignatius

Making friends with the people in the pew behind us.dsc04327Carson loves it when you blow raspberries on his neck.dsc04330The Del Castillo row.dsc04328TK and Kindergarten classes:dsc04335dsc04336Second grade:dsc04345dsc04344Avery was also part of the Nativity scene:dsc04346The closing number was a rousing rendition of Go Tell it on the Mountain.dsc04347

Snow globes

Cousin Lauren came over to make snow globes. She was really good with the hot glue gun.dsc04311Avery found a small stegosaurus for his snow globe but then went back to more important things. Note the Play Dough dinosaur foot nearby.dsc04309This was also delivery day for a Christmas dress I made for Sophia.dsc04315Layers of nylon chiffon, netting and tulle for the skirt – a new sewing experience for me.dsc04316Carson is really good at crawling now.dsc04318

Project completed!

I’ve been working on a new directory for Calvary Lutheran Church for about one year. It turned out to be a much bigger project than I originally thought, but that’s usually the case, right? Today I passed out the finished directories! Hurray!dsc04322dsc04325

Christmas Hay Ride

Tonight was the Christmas Hay Ride parade in Rio Linda. Everyone seemed to really enjoy this event, so I’m sure it will become an annual event. There were more than 60 floats.dsc04293I rode on the Rio Linda Elverta Historical Society float so my perspective was a bit different. The brightly-lit Archway:dsc04302dsc04303I think John Todd (former 4th-grade student of mine) was the MC near the judge’s stand:dsc04304The parade started at Westside School and ended at Depot Park, but the tractor and trailer went back to Dry Creek Ranch House for storage. The ranch house with its Christmas lights:dsc04307

A day with Adrienne

Ade had to drop off some things at her daughter’s house in the Bay Area and asked me to go along. This was a great way to make the drive go faster and we got to cover so many topics of conversation. On the way back, we stopped for lunch at Amici’s in Vacaville – delicious New York-style pizza.dsc04288Please notice, I’m not using a cane. Hurray, I’m getting better!

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Last night Phyl and I were supposed to spend the night at the cabin of some friends in Old Greenwood, but the weather was going to be very cold with icy roads. Instead I spent the night at Phyl’s and made the dinner I was going to make at OG – the same dinner as Thanksgiving.dsc04272After dinner, Phyl and I tackled a new project: Chocolate Covered Cherries. The recipe came from Merrilyn. Step 1 – make sure the cherries were dry.dsc04273Wrap in fondantdsc04275and chill overnight.dsc04276This morning, we dipped them in chocolate.dsc04280Now they will sit for a couple of weeks to let the fondant turn into a liquid.dsc04282

Surprise at Starbucks

I ordered my drink at the drive-through. I had a personal cup, so I gave it to the young man (Corey) who handed it to the barista. Corey stayed busy tending to tasks at his station, then he saw me holding my card for him to take. “Oh, I guess I should let you pay for your drink.”

Me, “You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I’d love to have a free drink.”

He paused and smiled, “I can do that,” touched the order screen and handed my card back to me. Wow! That just made my day! Thank you Corey.dsc04270

Thursday at Merrilyn’s

The first thing I did when I arrived was to tell Phyl she was going to kill me for choosing Thursday at Merrilyn’s instead of going for an x-ray of my left hip. This gathering was just too important to me, I’ll go tomorrow morning. She rolled her eyes and gave me the finger wag! Delicious appetizers: Apple Gruyere Tarts, Sausage Crescent Rolls, Chicken Wings!dsc04260Merrilyn’s Banana Bread for dessert:dsc04262Always so fun much fun! dsc04264Dave and Phyl loaned me a cane – what a difference it has made in my ability to get around.