S Chickamauga Creek Greenway

We actually wanted to ride the Chattanooga Riverwalk aka Tennessee Riverpark. It was early morning when we parked at the trailhead at the dam.

We started out on the 16-mile trail. After a quarter mile, there was a sign that said the trail was closed. A park employee said it was because they were giving Covid-19 vaccinations up ahead so they closed the trail. We turned around.

There was also an ironman competition happening downtown, so we decided to try Plan B. We drove to Camp Jordan Park, a trailhead for the South Chickamauga Creek Greenway.

There’s a 2-mile paved loop around the 275-acre park

before it veers off to the northwest:

Chickamauga Creek:

The trail ended at Shallowford Rd, we turned around and rode back.

Since we’d only ridden about 10 miles, we decided to load up and drive to the trailhead for the Northern Chickmauga Creek Trail to ride another 8 miles or so. However the road to the trailhead was:

Since we were only 1 for 3 on attempts to go for a good ride, we decided the universe wanted us to go to Starbuck’s instead.

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