Pigeon Forge TN

We left Chattanooga on Tuesday

and drove to Pigeon Forge TN. We had a great spot on a curve and got to watch lots of comings and goings.

Every dog that walked by stopped along the edge of the grass to sniff the MANY different spots and always left his/her own mark somewhere before allowing the person at the end of the leash to move on.

Watching people come in and park their rigs is fun. I admire those who can back up a trailer with precision into some narrow space. Then how they set up everything. Here a fence was set up so four little dogs could enjoy the outdoors … and bark at each passerby. Smile.

On Wednesday, we tried to ride two different trails in Sevierville. Neither one worked out and we only got 2 miles. However, Billie was able to secure a repair for one of the slide outs within 24 hours of her call.

On Thursday, Billie’s friends from Roanoke arrived in town and came by before going to their lodging for the next few days.

We are in Pigeon Forge for a line dancing get-together.

On Saturday morning, after an hour of dancing, Crystal, Rosalie, Billie and I drove to a local attraction:

We walked down a yellow tunnel,

through a cave, got on a (quiet) boat for a 20-minute tour of a 4-acre underground lake. The best part: the planted trout that know the tour guide will soon drop food into the water creating a brief feeding frenzy (that is, if the tour guide brought along enough food).

Good friends from line dancing in Roanoke. Billie won’t see Rosalie or Crystal for quite a while:

Sunday. We’re leaving tomorrow so it’s time to plan and get ready. The traffic in Pigeon Forge is beyond reasonable so we were out early gathering supplies. The rest of the day was laundry, catching up on loose ends, finishing small tasks, making …

We are ready to move on. Where are we going next?

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