Thursday @ Merrilyn’s

One sign of a great hostess: our wine glasses were filled with the exact amount of ice each of us wanted.Happy Hour Mushrooms and Artichoke Nibbles – both yummy.For dessert, Walnut Date Cake crumbled over vanilla bean ice cream.Note: the cake had to be crumbled (instead of beautifully cut into thin slices like the picture that made me want to make this recipe) because when I took it out of the tube pan, this happened:Gasp! I pushed it back together as best I could. Oh well, it tasted great. It made a huge amount so I decided to save it for the Throwdown next Sunday. No last minute baking – yay.

Pi Day

St Ignatius has this grade-level competition. How many digits after the decimal point of pi can a student memorize?Sophia placed third in 2nd grade with 40. The school winner was an 8th grader who memorized 200! Each grade-level winner received a pie, of course.

Little League practice

Everyone raked the field at the endexcept for this player who was running VERY fast around the bases, fell and acquired a small scrape on the arm – much smaller than the bandage indicates.“Grandma, take a picture and show Mom what happened.”


This spring I’m going to work a few days for the Safe Routes To School educational program in San Juan Unified School District. Today was my observation day at to watch Dan Allison do an in-class pedestrian lesson with 2nd grade and bicycle safety with 5th grade.

Sophia’s Rapunzel musical

The Missoula Children’s Theatre is a company that contracts with schools to provide a complete musical theatre experience for 60+ students. Two professional actors worked at St Ignatius for 20 hours over 5 days, beginning with auditions last Monday. Today was the public performance. One of the professional actors:At far left, Sophia as Bucky the Beaver, who wants to be an addition to The Three Bears. Sophia did a great job! Of course!

Fun Alley Tour

Larry Robinson was the ride leader (far right) for this Bike Hikers ride. We started at the Guy West Bridge near Sac State.We stayed on low-traffic streets when not riding through an alley – a good thing since this group tends to take over at least one lane of traffic and does a terrible job of following the rules of the road. As an LCI who DOES what I teach others, this is disheartening. Problem areas: stopping at stop signs, stopping when the traffic light turns yellow, yielding to pedestrians, following first-come, first-served right of way rule, riding more than 2-wide, riding left of the center line.The turnaround point was in Old Sacramento. A view of what locals are calling the Darth Vader Building:This is the nicest and friendliest group of people ever, but I wish I could help them improve their bicycling-in-traffic skills. However, one other Bike Hiker, also concerned about safety, told me they are “uneducable.” =(

Nevertheless, this ride was a lot of fun. Larry was a great ride leader. We rode a total of 17 miles through all kinds of alleys. One of my favorites was Eggplant Alley. Later Justin told me all the alleys have names now although there are very few signs. The best art work was downtown on Kayak, near K St.

Rapunzel rehearsal

Today’s task was to take dinner to Sophia who was participating in a week-long musical production at St Ignatius. The Missoula Children’s Theatre was presenting Rapunzel.Then Avery and I waited for Mom to arrive. Avery entertained me with all his best moves.