Broken ankle: week 3

I started driving! My first trip was to a drive-through Starbucks. Success. Freedom. This week I explored quite a few drive-through or short-walk restaurants to pick up meals! Thursday was back-to-school night at St Ignatius so I got to watch the grandkids. Sophia and Avery were quite busy on their electronic devices but Carson and I had a great time.
The nocino was drained through many layers of coffee filters lining a colander.

And the beach houses got their beach. I practiced with a small square (don’t turn it over, it does not have a proper backing). This beach house has an RCMP pin over the door and a Marc Tetro postcard from long long ago in the background.
When I shared the above picture with cousins Phyllis and Carol, they asked about location: guest bedroom. The pillow is an up-cycled t-shirt made into a pillow cover.
In the living/dining area on an antique sewing cabinet:
And I went to a cribbage tournament at the lodge on Saturday (my outing for the day) not to play but to watch. Two couples I know in the community were playing and I wanted to cheer them on (and get out of the house). Sixteen participants, double elimination.
Top two. Jackie Howard (left) came in 2nd, Suzanne Price was the tournament winner.

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